Vehicle Information

Vehicle Registration Requirements

Faculty, Staff, Students and Visitors must register for a parking permit to park on University property other than at a Passport app space or in a pay-to-park facility. This requirement is in full force at all times.

Individuals registering for a parking permit agree not to present a claim for any loss or damage to property or for personal injury which may occur while their vehicle is on University property.

UD e-Park enables visitors, faculty, staff and students to register for parking permits online.  You can also send an email to to register for a parking permit.

Payment for University parking permits purchased via UD e-Park with a bill account pay method should be included with semester payment; checks should be made out to the University of Delaware. Parking Services website accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and payroll deduction as payment methods for in person sales.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to use payroll deduction when purchasing a parking permit. Whenever an individual terminates such payroll deduction, notification must be in writing. Failure to do so will result in the deduction of the balance of the permit fee from the staff member’s next check.

The individual to whom a vehicle is registered is responsible for notifying the Parking Services Office within five days of any change in status, i.e., a commuter student moving on campus, resignation of a staff member who is then admitted as a University student, etc. If the change affects the eligibility of an individual to secure a parking permit, the Parking Services Office will determine the required modification and fee (if any). A fee will be charged for replacement permits.

Most permits are virtual, using the vehicle license plate as the parking credential. Under special circumstances, parking passes/permits will be issued. Parking passes/permits are the property of the University and the theft and/or unauthorized use of a parking permit is a criminal offense. Parking privileges are not transferrable. Registrants are responsible for notifying the University if their vehicle is sold or the registrant’s affiliation with the University is ended. A refund may be available; refunds are based on the written notification date.

Daily permits are available for faculty, staff and students who do not wish to register for a parking permit because they do not normally drive to campus. The daily permit can be purchased online before parking on campus and will be valid for the same parking privileges as a regular parking permit for which the person is eligible.

Parking permits will not be issued to employees, non-university staff, non-university students, or visitors who have outstanding fines unless all fines are paid or a payment arrangement has been established.

Motorcycle Regulations

Motorcycle Definition-For the purposes of these regulations, the term “motorcycle” includes mopeds, motor scooters, and all other two- and three-wheeled motorized vehicles that fit within a standard motorcycle parking space (4’ wide x 9’ long). Auto-cycles and two- or three-wheeled motorized vehicles that do not fit in a standard motorcycle space must follow the four-wheeled vehicle regulations.

Who Can Register a Motorcycle-Faculty, staff and students may obtain a University parking permit to register a motorcycle. Such registration may be made in addition to having registered a four-wheeled vehicle for a parking permit.

Motorcycle Parking Spaces- Motorcycles cannot be parked at bicycle racks. For safety reasons, motorcycles are not eligible for any gate lot parking.

Unauthorized Parking-Motorcycles are not permitted in University buildings since they constitute a serious hazard and will be removed at the direction of the University Police or Parking Services in accordance with prevailing University policy. Motorcycles, mopeds, and motor scooters are prohibited from being parked and secured to a lamppost, railing, handicapped ramp, or other pedestrian walkways. In addition to incurring a fine, the owner will pay the costs of removal.

Electric Vehicle Regulations

Electric vehicle parking spaces on campus require a UD parking permit or hourly payment for the lot the space is located in.   These spaces are limited to electric vehicles that are actively plugged into the charger for the space.  Each electric vehicle space has a 4-hour time limit.

Public electric vehicle parking spaces are in the following lots:

    • Lot 14C Center for the Arts Garage (2nd floor)
    • Lot 4C Perkins Garage (2nd floor)
    • Lot 35 Hullihen Hall Lot
    • Lot 53 Pearson Hall Lot
    • Lot 39 Wyoming Maintenance Center

Alternate Vehicles

Alternate vehicle passes are available online. To print a short term parking pass:

  1. Select Online Options from the left menu
  2. Select Account Information
  3. Select Manage My Parking Account
  4. Select Affiliated login and log in with your UDelNetID and password
  5. Select View Your Permits
  6. Locate your active permit and click on it
  7. Select Print Permit at the bottom of the page

There is no charge for using an alternate vehicle when a registered vehicle is temporarily not available.

Alternate vehicle permits are issued for 3 days.

Alternate vehicle permits must be displayed on the interior of the lower left-hand corner of the driver’s side dash.

A four-wheeled vehicle cannot be registered as an alternate vehicle for a motorcycle.

Accidents and Inoperable Vehicles

Accidents that involve vehicles and that occur on University property must be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety.

The University of Delaware Police must be notified about all inoperable vehicles; flashing lights or notes left on vehicles are not considered sufficient notice. The person operating the vehicle must remain with it until the officer arrives to determine if there is a hazard. If it is a hazard, the operator will arrange to have the vehicle removed immediately.

Vehicles found in violation of a parking regulation will not have the fine excused because the vehicle is determined to be inoperable.