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A department or registered student organization (RSO) hosting an event is responsible for informing their guests of the University’s parking requirements or specific parking arrangements made for their event. To obtain event parking pricing the host must have at least 15 visitors (not UD affiliated). If a department or RSO chooses to pre-purchase parking they should read the information below and submit the event request form. Otherwise, visitors can use a pay lot, meter, or purchase a day pass.

Events held on central campus will be instructed to use a parking garage or the Visitors Center lot. Departments or RSOs receive a discount when purchasing validation coupons. Special pricing may be available for events with more than 50 attendees by contacting the office.

Events not held on central campus (Laird, East campus, South campus, STAR campus, etc.) can request the use of individual parking lots for an event. Requests will be subject to approval based on area and use. Departments or RSOs can obtain event passes at $3.00 each. These passes would be valid in a specific lot for a specific day. Event passes are only valid for visitors. Students and staff working on campus must purchase parking. In the case of large events, a department or RSO can purchase the entire lot for $.50 per space. The lot must be purchased in its entirety. Parking Services can provide quotes by lot upon request.

To request event parking, complete and submit the form below. A representative will contact you. Events requiring traffic control equipment such as cones, barrels, etc. will be charged a $10.00 flat fee per event. We can assist you with determining the best option for your event based on the information you provide.

Department and Registered Student Organization Pricing:

  • Garage and Visitors Center Validations available in the following increments
    • up to 1 hour $2.25
    • up to 2 hours $3.75
    • up to 3 hours $5.25
    • up to 4 hours $6.75
    • All day $8.25 Monday – Thursday
    • All day $7.00 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
    • Event validation rate of $7.00 per day
  • One-day visitor passes
    • $6.00 each
    • only valid for the academic year purchased; i.e. 16-17 Sept. – Aug.
  • Event Passes
    • $3.00 each
    • Multi-day and multi-lot passes are available
  • Kiosk and/or PassPort App Rates for lots 1, 2, 2A, 3, 6, 7, 44 (handicap only), 51, 54, 86, 88, and STAR Campus Street Parking (department validation rate in parenthesis)
    • up to 1 hour 3.00 (2.25)
    • up to 2 hours 5.00 (3.75)
    • up to 3 hours 7.00 (5.25)
    • up to 4 hours 9.00 (6.75)
    • 4-24 hours 11.00 (8.25)
    • All day $7.00 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (7.00)

To request special parking for campus events please complete the Request for Services – Parking webform RFS-Parking. The form should be submitted at least 1 week before the event.
Submitting this form is a request for consideration. Parking Services will use the form to route for approvals or contact you directly if there are questions.
A charge will be assessed for a minimum of 2 hours labor if equipment is required.

Valet Service

Valet service is available for department sponsored events on campus. Each event will require the hosting department to fill out the valet service form providing the event information. Each department will contract directly with Colonial Parking, the University’s valet service provider. Parking spaces needed for valet parking should be requested/reserved through Parking Services.
Valet Service Request

Valet Service Request


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