A carpool, for these rules and regulations, is defined as two or more people commuting together to campus in a single vehicle multiple days per week or two or more people commuting together to campus in a single vehicle per month if utilizing other alternative transportation means such as biking, walking, or mass transportation on a weekly basis.

Faculty, staff and commuting students who reside outside the parking perimeter are encouraged to secure a Carpool parking permit. Each member of a carpool must complete a permit application at the Parking Services Office (Please note: student and first time employee carpool registrants must come in to the Parking Services office together). Carpools of three or more people will receive a 10% discount on the total permit price. Employee carpools can be for Pearson, central, gray, red or gate-controlled parking. Gate-control carpools are given wait list preference.

Each employee member of a carpool will be given 40 virtual daily validations each for an annual carpool. Partial year carpools will receive a prorated number of validations. Commuting student carpools can be for red, gray, central, or gate-controlled parking at the Center for the Arts Garage. They can be purchased by the academic year or annual year (gate-controlled parking is only sold by the academic year). Each student member of an academic year carpool will receive 20 virtual daily validations each. Partial year carpools will receive a prorated number of daily validations. The Parking Services Office must be notified whenever an individual withdraws from a carpool to determine if the carpool membership must be restructured to maintain eligibility for the carpool permit. A daily validation must be utilized whenever it becomes necessary for a member of a carpool to drive to campus in his or her own vehicle. Daily validations are issued at the time the permit is issued or can be obtained at the Parking Services Office. Validations can be used in the following locations:

Lot 1 Ice Arena Lot
Lot 2 Townsend Hall Lot
Lot 2A 501 South College Avenue
Lot 3 General Services Building, S. Chapel St.
Lot 4C Perkins Garage, 401 Academy St
Lot 6 Laird Resident Lot, Christiana Drive
Lot 7 Clayton Hall Lot, Hollowell Drive
Lot 14C CFA Garage
Lot 17C Trabant Garage 19 West Main St.
Lot 41 Visitors Center Lot
Lot 44 Pencader/Clayton Loading Dock (handicap parking only)
Lot 51 E.L.C.
Lot 54 192 South Chapel St
Lot 86 West Main Street Lot
Lot 88 Field House/Stadium

Lot 52 University Courtyard
STAR Campus On-street Parking

An individual cannot register concurrently for a parking permit and also as a member of a carpool. Such dual permit registration is considered fraudulent. To obtain a carpool, please print the appropriate form below and return to Parking Services.

Employee Carpool

Student Carpool