Graduate Student

Graduate students who wish to park on campus in other than pay-to-park facilities are required to have a valid parking permit for their vehicle. Daily permits are available to all Commuting Students who do not wish to register for a regular parking permit because they do not normally drive to campus but find, on occasion, that the use of a vehicle is a necessity. The permit can be purchased online or at the Parking Services office prior to parking on campus, and will be valid for the same parking privileges as a regular parking permit for which the person could register. Daily parking permits are non-refundable.

Students are not permitted to purchase parking for another student including adding their vehicle onto an active permit. Monthly parking permits for a parking garage may be purchased if space is available. This permit allows 24/7 parking in the assigned garage and red lots.

Monthly permits may not be renewed based on space availability in the garage.

Living off Campus Graduate commuters may purchase a garage, Pearson, central, gray, red, or a night/weekend permit. Purchasing your permit for the full year is more cost effective than purchasing for shorter time frames. The Gray lots are separated into Gray-North, Gray-South and Gray- East sub-categories. This allows better control of the number of permit sales for each area. Gray permits are valid in all gray lots including the other sub-category (north, east, or south). Graduate gate permits are issued for the academic or annual year only, are valid in red lots, and in non-restricted lots after 5 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends. Monthly garage permits are available and allows 24/7 parking in the assigned garage and red lots.

Evening and Weekends

A red permit holder may park in unrestricted lots after 5 p.m. and on weekends.
Night/Weekend permits are valid in non-restricted lots after 5 PM, all day on weekends, and university holidays. It has no parking privileges on campus during restricted hours.
Current permit holders can request access via their UD ID card from 5:45 PM – 2 AM Monday through Friday, all day on weekends and holidays to the following gate lots 37C Amstel gate, 34C Library Gate and 53C Haines Street Gate.

Living on Campus

Graduate students living on campus can only purchase a resident student permit. Teaching assistants are eligible for central, gray, or red lot privileges in addition to a resident lot.
To ensure the closest available resident lot, it is best to register for a resident permit early.


Graduate students with a stipend may choose payroll deduction as a payment option at the beginning of the fall semester. If registering in advance, your stipend for the upcoming year must be in SIS by August 1. If it is not, the permit price will be charged to your student account.