Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Register?

Parking permits can be purchased online.  The hours of operation are 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.  Students, employees, and visitors who have established a guest account may register on line at

I am driving a vehicle not attached to my permit?

Short term permits can be printed online at for vehicles that are not attached to your parking permit.

Why Can't I Have A Gray Permit If I Live On Campus? I Need One To Work.

As a resident student, you can’t register for a regular commuter permit.

If you are a graduate commuting student or an undergraduate commuting student living outside the UD perimeter with 110 or more completed credits, you may apply for a Center for the Arts Garage, Gray, or Red permit. All other commuters may register for a Red permit or the Center for the Arts garage. Graduate students are also eligible for any garage or Pearson Hall gate lot permits and graduate commuters are eligible for central permits.

Gray lots were established primarily for commuters, faculty, and staff who must drive to campus. Residents who need a car are assigned to specific lots, based on available parking space. Your resident parking permit is valid only in a specifically authorized lot during the day. It is also valid in non-restricted lots from 5 p.m. to 7a.m., Monday-Friday, and from 5 p.m. Friday to 7a.m. Monday. (Parking regulations list some exceptions.)

If you enlist a friend to fraudulently register for an upgraded permit, you can both be fined.

You can’t transfer your parking permit to anyone else. If someone offers to sell you one, DON’T BUY IT. It could be stolen.

What Do I Do If I Only Need A Car For A Couple Of Days?
All students and staff who don’t normally park on campus can buy a day permit.
What About Carpools?
You are encouraged to ride in carpools. Permits for carpools allow you to park in all gray lots or the lot assigned. If you’re a commuting student with less than 110 credits and live outside the UD perimeter, a carpool permit lets you park closer to the main campus. Each carpool member receives a set number of day passes.
What Should I Do If I Get A Ticket?
You can pay or appeal any University Notice of Violation within 15 days.

Don’t ignore a ticket because your friends say you won’t get caught. You will incur a late fee for every delinquent ticket, and your car can be towed at your expense.

What Should I Do If My Permit is Lost or Stolen?

Most permits are virtual using the license plate of the vehicle as the parking credential. In some cases, dash tags are issued.  Customers should come to Parking Services and fill out a lost/stolen report as soon as possible. Citations issued on your permit will be your responsibility. There is a fee for replacement permits..

What Do I Do If My Car Breaks Down?
If you need to drive another car to campus, a short term permit can be printed from your online parking account or pick up a free alternate vehicle permit from the Parking Services Office. Whenever a car is disabled on campus, report it to University Parking Services or Police immediately. Disabled vehicles must be removed from campus within 24 hours.
Where Can I Park When Loading/Unloading?
When you’re moving in and out of residence halls at the beginning and end of each semester, your vehicle may stand in a driveway adjacent to your residence hall for no longer than 30 minutes. Please be aware that it needs to be attended constantly by a licensed driver so that it can be moved in the event of an emergency. Parking in a fire lane is dangerous, and it’s a violation of city ordinance.
Guests of Students

Guests of students are asked to create a guest account online to obtain a visitor parking permit for a fee.  These permits are valid in all unrestricted parking lots after 5 p.m., and all day on weekends.  During the business day visitor permits are valid in perimeter lots.  Guests on campus for several days should store their vehicles in the perimeter lots.

Mopeds and Bicycles
Whether you drive a car, truck, motorcycle or moped, you’ll need a parking permit. (Sorry, you can’t store any of these vehicles in University buildings.) Motorized vehicles can not park in bike racks – this includes mopeds which should be in motorcycle spaces.

Your bicycle must be registered with the University. Free online registration can be completed from Parking Services’ online website. Fire exits need to be kept clear. Consequently, bikes stored in stairways or other potentially hazardous areas will be impounded by Parking Services. Abandoned bikes will be impounded 48 hours after a bike removal notice is issued. To reclaim impounded bikes, visit the Parking Services at 147 Perkins Student Center. You’ll need to prove ownership. You’ll also be asked to pay a removal fee based on the labor required to impound your bike. The University assumes no responsibility for damage to impounded bikes or to locking devices. The University disposes of unclaimed bikes impounded longer than 90 days.

Bicycles may not be ridden inside University buildings at any time. When riding outdoors, bicycles must be operated in a manner which does not create a risk of injury or property damage.

Learn about and abide by state laws and city of Newark ordinances related to bicycles. Bike riding is forbidden on Main Street sidewalks and in some other areas of the city. Whenever you’re riding a bike, give pedestrians the right-of-way at all times. Secure your bike with a substantial locking device and make use of University racks rather than lightposts, railings, or trees. In progress bike theft or tampering can be reported to University Police at 911.

Skateboards and Rollerskate/blades
Rollerskating/blading and skateboarding are prohibited in University buildings.

Rollerskating/blading is only permitted on walkways and ramps when the operator does not create a hazard to themselves or others. Persons causing injury or property damage while engaged in the use of these devices will be held financially accountable.