Contractor and Vendor

A valid permit/pass for your vehicle is required at all times when parking in other than pay-to-park facilities. Representatives of service companies that have a contract to deliver goods or services on campus may apply for a parking permit. There will be a fee associated with the parking permit.

Contractors can purchase a limited number of contractor passes for the duration of the project or contract term. A contractor pass allows parking for up to 15 minutes in a service vehicle space and long term parking in central, gray, or red lots. A Night/Weekend permit is available and is valid in non-restricted lots after 5 PM, all day on weekends, and university holidays. It has no parking privileges on campus during restricted hours. Contractors can purchase online if they have a login and password provided by UD Parking Services. To obtain a login and password please contact our office.

Vendors with highly recognizable vehicle logos performing routine deliveries/pick-ups at University buildings and requiring less than fifteen minutes are exempt from any permit requirement and must park in the service vehicle spaces.

Government vehicles displaying state or federal license plates are exempt from the permit requirement.

The University operates four (4) pay-to-park facilities that you are welcome to utilize. Pay-to-park sites are located at: Lot 41 South College Avenue next to the Visitor Center; Lot 17C the parking garage on West Main Street next to the Trabant University Center, Lot 14C the parking garage on Amstel Avenue west of the Center for the Arts, and Lot 4C the parking garage on Academy Street south of the Perkins Student Center.

As a non-university employee, you are eligible to purchase a Visitor Pass which is only valid in designated remote parking lots – Lots #1, 2, 88, 3, 7, 51, 52, and 54.

Daily or monthly parking permits for the main campus may be purchased at the Parking Services Office, 325 Academy Street 147 Perkins Student Center. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please be prepared to provide a written form of documentation regarding your campus work assignment.

Monthly parking permits for a parking garage may be purchased if space is available. This permit allows 24/7 parking in the assigned garage and red lots.

When applying for a permit/pass please bring a photo ID such as a driver’s license. Call (302) 831-1184 if you have any questions regarding campus parking.