Campus Map

The interactive campus map is maintained by the IT-Research Cyberinfrastructure team. This map contains information on all of UD’s campus locations from Newark to Lewes and all other facilities across the state of Delaware.


Our goal is to provide you with consultation guidance you need to make your research efforts productive and successful. We provide a wide range of services and we will connect you with the resources you need to manage your research.

Data Management

Data management is the process of overseeing data generated before, during, and after a research project. Any research will require some level of data management, and funding agencies are increasingly requiring scientists and scholars to plan and execute good data management practices.

Grant Resources

We have provided HPC acknowledgement and community cluster templates for you to use in your grants, papers, and proposals that will correctly cite your usage of the Caviness and Farber.


There are several options for connecting to the networks at UD. We offer the University network and various Internet 2 connections. Additionally, if you would like to cite or acknowledge the networks at UD for papers or proposals we have templates for you to utilize and modify.

Programming Assistance

We provide programming and configuration support. Our assistance includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • Building and compiling personal and open source code.
  • Code debugging, tuning, and profiling.
  • Code extension, adaptation, and development.

Software Support

We provide routine technical support to University of Delaware researchers for local, regional, national, and international computing and networking resources. Routine support includes, but is not limited to:

  • downloading support
  • installation support
  • troubleshooting with the vendor
  • programming specifics within the software


The UDThesis Styles are designed to provide standard formatting for dissertations, education leadership portfolios, and theses according to the University of Delaware Office of Graduate and Professional Education’s Thesis and Dissertation Manual. They also provide standard formatting for Honors Senior Thesis with Distinction and Senior Thesis with Distinction according to the Board of Senior Thesis Readers and Undergraduate Research Program’s Senior Thesis Handbook.