GIS workshops

Research computing regularly schedules and coordinates GIS workshops with the UD Library, Delaware Geological Survey (DGS), Esri, etc for members of the UD community who wish to learn more about a particular aspect of GIS. If you have topics that you would like to be presented in the GIS Workshops series, submit your ideas to

The Fall 2021 workshops 

Getting Started with ArcGIS Online.
Wed., September 22, 2-3:30 p.m.
Zoom/Pearson 305
Using the cloud-based ArcGIS Online, learn how to make a map online and add data to it. You will also delve into the topic of data layers and explore how cartographic principles can apply to data representation.

Creating and Sharing Your Data with ArcGIS Online Story Maps.
Wed., September 29, 2-3:30 p.m.
Zoom/Pearson 305
Discover how to present data and selected multimedia in a user-friendly geographical context. You will learn how to create a multifaceted map by combining maps with images, text and other multimedia, and how to link multimedia files to their geographic coordinates.

Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro.
Wed., October 6, 2-3:30 p.m.
Zoom/Pearson 305
Meet the future of geographic information systems (GIS): ArcGIS Pro. During this workshop, get familiar with GIS concepts by exploring how you can search, analyze, edit and share maps and data in ArcGIS Pro.

Recent workshops

  • Getting started with ArcGIS Pro
  • Getting Started with ArcGIS Online
  • Digital Scholarship Method Series: Introduction to Data Collection
  • Creating and Sharing Your Data with ArcGIS Online Story Maps
  • Researching and Exporting Data with PolicyMap

UD-GIS Community Group

The UD-GIS community group has taken different forms at different times, according to community involvement. If you are interested in participating in a UD-GIS meet up, please join UD-GIS Google Group.

Esri e-Learning

The University of Delaware maintains a site license with Esri, the makers of ArcGIS. As part of this site license, UD faculty/staff/grant supported student that pay for an Esri license and any UD student may take any GIS technology classes at Esri e-Learning at no cost. These courses are a great way to get started with GIS or learn a new aspect of ArcGIS or even general GIS fundamentals. Send a request to if you would like access to Esri e-learning. (If you are requesting for a UD course the email should include a list of UDel email addresses for all students in the class.)

University Classes

A number of departments at UD offer courses focused on or touching on geospatial knowledge.

Fundamentals Classes

  • Introduction to GIS (GEOG372)
  • GIS in Natural Resource Management (APEC480)
  • Geographic Information Systems and Science (GEOG670)
  • Advanced GIS (GEOG471/671)

GIS Topics Classes

  • Select Technical Topics: Python Scripting, LIDAR & Hyperspectral, etc. (GEOG473)

Classes Where GIS is Applied

GIS LearnIT Express Sessions

These quick videos highlight a particular technology or technique, to fast forward your learning