There are several options for connecting to the networks at UD. We offer the University network and various Internet 2 connections. Additionally, if you would like to cite or acknowledge the networks at UD for papers or proposals we have templates for you to utilize and modify.

Network and Infrastructure Services (IT-NIS) is responsible for campus-wide networks and physical maintenance of campus data networking. Please contact us if you need help. If we can’t directly answer your question, Research Computing staff will get you connected with someone who can!

Network and Network Applications

The University’s Internet Service Providers (ISPs) include the Internet2 Network, the foremost US advanced networking consortium, and commercial provider Netrality .

  • Internet2 Network Most research and educational organizations typically connect directly to the Internet2 Network. UD connects indirectly through NYSERNet.
  • Internet2 Network connectors Research and educational organizations typically connect to the Internet2 Network through a regional network aggregation point — a GigaPoP (Gigabit/sec Point of Presence).
  • NYSERNet UD connects to the Internet2 Network through NYSERNet’s Research & Education network, the IP-based fiber optic networkwhich offers redundant connections to Internet2 and peering with national and international R&E networks, including Canada’s national research and education network, CA*net 4, and the U.S. Department of Energy’s ESnet.