GIS_Day_2020 (2)

Thursday April 21, 2022 4:00-6:00

Celebrate Earth Day with a UD Mapathon


Map from the convenience of home on your own time.

If you need help getting started you can join us on Zoom. Time of the help zoom session is still to be decided.

Zoom Meeting Link

Why Mapathon?

We are excited to continue mapping after past events at GIS Day 2021, Earth Day 2021, GIS Day 2020, Earth Day 2020, GIS Day 2019, Earth Day 2019, GIS Day 2018 and Geoweek 2017! Mapathons are our way of getting more people involved, promoting free and open data, and garnering excitement about mapping. It is a way of ‘flexing our muscle’, that is to show we can make a difference through our network of volunteers.


Mapping is done with OpenStreetMap, a free and online mapping tool. Projects are organized by the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) using a tasking manager called the HOT Tasking Manager. In a project, the area is broken into small squares which a volunteer can choose to edit. Once the volunteer starts working on a square, the square is locked from editing by users in the tasking manager. This way, two people do not edit the same area and overwrite each other’s work.

Since OpenStreetMap (OSM) can be used to add data to maps worldwide, this Mapathon gives us the opportunity to provide help from the comfort and safety of our homes. This Earth Day Mapathon the project is going to be mapping Urban Water Scarcity, Enugu, Nigeria: Enugu Building Basemap #12361 .

In this reference guide, you will find information on how to use OSM to map roads, buildings, and agriculture properly.

Earth Day 2022 Project

The project we will continue working on for the Earth Day Map-a-thon is #12361- Urban Water Scarcity, Enugu, Nigeria: Enugu Building Basemap. Before participating please read the projects directions carefully. For help getting setting please visit our the mapathons Getting Started guide page.

Thank you to our sponsors and organizers!

This event was organized by Epsilon Eta and is being sponsored by The Geology Club, IT, Library, Museums, & Press, Students for the Environment, and the Earth, Ocean, and Environment Club..