UD, like many other research universities, is beginning to consider the need for geospatial data repository resources. In some cases the best repository may be cloud-based, and in others, local.

Here are some links that may be useful, if you are considering geospatial data preservation, both to the end user and to UD research resource staff.

The Geospatial Data Preservation Resource Center


DSpace Futures

(this alludes to the fact that is a future feature set, also MANAKIN is a DSpace project that seems to move towards this goal) https://www.duraspace.org/dspace-futures We’ve often recommended ArcGIS Online for folks here that are looking for a repository with a geospatial friendly UI. The report below also mentions GeoCommons, which may be recommended in the future (in-lieu of a local option).

Geospatial Multi-state Archive and Preservation Partnership, Final Report, pg 47-49