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There are several campus-based resources at your disposal that can help with your research needs. Read more about services that UDIT can specifically provide you. Contact us if you need help with any of these services or if you need a service that isn’t listed here. If we can’t solve your problem we will put you in touch with someone who can!

Computing Sites

There are several computing lab locations across campus that are available for use. Please check the software availability at each location as each computing lab may have different capabilities.


Data Backup

The Electronic Collaboration and File Storage provides access to various options for storing University information. Review IT backup policies and procedures.

File Sharing

There are several services available for file sharing including Google Drive, and SharePoint. Read this overview to learn more about the tools available so you can select the right tool for your needs.


Facilitated by UD’s network-access servicesprovides access to remote computer labs or software downloads giving access to certain licensed software that could otherwise only be used on campus. The proxy server allows off-campus access to online Library databases and journals, whose use is restricted by license.


If your research requires the use of survey tools, you have several options available to you such as the UD Qualtrics System, Google Forms, and REDCap.

Web Hosting

Web hosting provides a place for researchers (on and off campus) to gather and build virtual communities (e.g., UD’s Web Page Support). Researchers can also request Virtual machines through UD IT. Learn more about requesting a virtual machine.