1. In your browser, go to openstreetmap.org. In the top right corner of the page click “Sign Up” to create an account.
  2. In a new tab, go to tasks.hotosm.org (Tasking Manager project page). On the top right side of the page click “Login”. If another page appears choose “Grant Access”. This will redirect you to the project page.
  3. Read the instructions carefully. It is important to use the correct imagery and to plot the correct objects. In this case, the default map base layer is Maxar Premium Imagery, in case Maxar Premium Imagery has clouds cover, switch to Bing Imagery. Please read the instructions on the project page, or use the guide on the next web page.
  4. When you are ready to get started, click the Map button. You can choose a white square on the map, then click start mapping. Leave the “iD Editor” selected and click start editor. This will open the standard editor from OpenStreetMap in a new tab. Do not close the original tab. Only edit within the pink box and save your changes frequently. When you save, please add the tag #UDEarthDay24 so we can track our contributions. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are not sure about something.
  5. When you are done editing navigate to the original tab and either select “Mark as Completely Mapped” if you have completed the square, or select “Stop Mapping” if you have not completed the square. This will unlock the square so others can edit or validate.
  6. Once you have completed your first square, you can continue mapping other squares. Note: if a square has a lot of work, you can split the task into 4. On the ‘Map’ tab, scroll down and click the ‘Split Task’ button.
  7. Some squares will have little to no work, while others may have many objects. Selecting a square near a town/village/city will be more challenging and have more work.

Creating a new open street map account

Selecting an area of interest to map