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The CAREERS (Cyberteam to Advance Research and Education in Eastern Regional Schools) Cyberteam Program is a 3-year initiative funded by the National Science Foundation to build a regional pool of Research Computing Facilitators (RCF) to support researchers at small and midsized institutions in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. RCFs are experts at figuring out how to match the right compute resources to the task at hand, something that can stymie researchers who are, for example, sifting through billions of records to find a specific pattern of genes that correlates with a particular form of cancer; or examining massive quantities of sensor data to understand movements of the sea floor; or modeling complex molecular structures. When computing needs exceed the capacity of the researcher’s desktop, the RCF’s job is to help make use of local, regional, and national high-performance computing resources to meet the researcher’s needs.

DeREN Planning Grant

The DeREN (Delaware Research and Education Network) project incorporates community research requirements to develop a plan for a sustainable research and education network that fosters collaboration, data sharing and new research opportunities across the State of Delaware. Delaware’s research community includes several mid-sized and under-resourced colleges and universities, including a historically black college and university (HBCU). The vision of DEREN is to enable partnerships between research entities across the state of Delaware and beyond through coordination, training and access to local and regional research cyberinfrastructure. The DEREN project will provide a plan for a viable and scalable structure for Delaware’s broader research community to flourish.


IT-RCI has help many of University of Delaware’s researchers, and their partners with their research. This help has led to many different many publications across a variety of different fields of study. Our publications page chronological list of publications that IT-RCI has provided some type of assistance with.