Agent Letter

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I hope you got to enjoy some time off-however you decided to spend it! We are excited to be coming into 2022 ready to try new things, make new commitments, meet new friends in person and embrace everything that comes our way! We are ready to kick off the 2022 year with 4-H events, leadership growth opportunities, contests and more planned for you and your 4-H member!


While we have been busy planning Junior Leader weekend, Favorite Foods, workshops, and more there are some things that have been moved around schedule wise. Please be on the lookout for updates and mark your calendar for the following dates:


Camp Counselor Meeting – January 10th

Junior Leader Weekend – January 14 – 16th

Favorite Foods, Foods Judging and Photography contest – January 29th

Camp Scholarships (State camp AND Day Camp) due – February 4th

4-H Winter Workshops – February 19th

State Teen Conference – February 26th- details coming soon!


**Reminder all 4-H members must re-enroll through 4-H Online by March 1, 2022 to be eligible to participate in any county and statewide events- especially the State Fair!


Inclement Weather Policy – If the Christina School District closes for the day, has early dismissal, or cancels after-school activities, then New Castle County 4-H events are cancelled. Weekend 4-H events will be cancelled if the University of Delaware closes or cancels events.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns and we hope to see you at a 4-H event soon!


Yours in 4-H,

Ms. Kaitlin

Extension Educator, 4-H


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Camp Scholarships

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Apply now for a scholarship toward the cost of one of our summer camps. Forms are due, either via the online form or physically in to the NCC Office by Friday, February 4. If sending in to the office, you can fax to 302-831-8934 or mail to NCC 4-H, 461 Wyoming Rd., Newark, 19716.

We will contact scholarship recipients as soon as possible.

Online 2022 4-H State Camp Scholarship Application

Online 2022 4-H Day Camp Scholarship Application

Printable 2022 4-H State Camp Scholarship Application Form

Printable 2022 4-H Day Camp Scholarship Application Form

Club Reports

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Summit Bridge

Summit Bridge 4-H Club has been busy! One of our members, Elijah Roberts, participated in the Public Speaking Contest and won a blue ribbon! At our December meeting, we collected food for the Food Bank of Delaware, hats/scarves/gloves for Friendship House and gift cards for the Neighborhood House in Middletown. We played a game (building an “indoor” snowman), made Christmas crafts and enjoyed some delicious snacks provided by Mrs. Somers.
Happy holidays and we look forward to 2022!

Porter Gang

At our December Porter Gang meeting we did holiday crafts including making our own ornament, making a snowman using salt shakers, and making a pine cone Christmas tree. We also discussed upcoming events including favorite foods which will take place in January. We also had decorate your own sugar cookies for a snack.
Colby, Porter gang reporter


2022 Winter Workshops

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Saturday, February 19

NCC Office


Photography- FREE

9:30 am- 11 am

This photography workshop will be geared to intermediate/advanced picture taking.  We will first delve into STILL LIFE photos by using non-life objects centered around a common theme.  This will be a team exercise so that you can share your ideas and help each other.  The second area will deal with COMPOSITION – mainly texture, lines and shapes.  Both areas will be looked at in color and black and white.  If we have time we will also look at PATRIOTISM – something other than the flag.  Please bring your camera or phone as you will be taking the pictures.  Remember it’s never too early to start on your entries for the Delaware State Fair.

CS Pathways- FREE

12 pm- 2 pm

Please contact Jenny Trunfio for more info.

Register HERE

Junior Leader Weekend – POSTPONED to March 4-6

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Join our 4-H Jr Council leaders for a fun-filled weekend at Camp Country Center in Hockessin.  The weekend will include team building and leadership workshops and activities as well as fun and games.  A campfire will end our days (weather permitting).  The fun starts at 6:00 PM on Friday and wraps up at noon on Sunday.  The cost of the weekend (including 4 meals) is $30.  This weekend is limited to 22 youth, ages 13+, so register asap!

Date: March 4-6th, 2022
Time: 6:00 pm
Place: 1051 Sharpless Rd Hockessin DE – STEM Lodge
Cost: $30
Checks payable to: University of Delaware
Registration Due: February 25, 2022
For more information contact: Jenny Trunfio at

Register HERE

Favorite Foods Contest

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NCC 4-H Favorite Foods Contest

Saturday, January 29, 2022

8:30 am at Kirk Middle School


Favorite Foods Guidelines DE 2022
PDF Favorite Foods Application
Word Doc Favorite Foods Application


Applications MUST be received no later than Friday, January 14.          NO late applications accepted.

We will also have Foods Judging at the Favorite Foods Contest, if you would like to participate in the Foods Judging contest you will need to attend Favorite Foods to take the judging contest. For the Foods judging information please reach out to Ms. Kaitlin.

Email to Serena, fax to 302-831-8934 or drop off to the office at 461 Wyoming Rd., Newark, 19716


Photography Contest info

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Date: Saturday, January 29, 2022

Details: Photos will be displayed during the Favorite Foods Contest

Awards: Ribbons will be awarded for each exhibit, based on the Danish Scale.

Completed entries are due to the 4-H office no later than:

Friday January 14, 2022

Contact Serena Conner at (302) 831-2506 or with any questions!

Please see rules below. We’ve included a page of labels you can use for your photos.

2022 Photography Contest Rules and Labels

Photo Contest Entry Form – 2022

Become a Health & Wellness Ambassador!

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Are you interested in health, wellness, and helping the community? 
Have you thought about becoming a Health & Wellness Ambassador?
Join us for our next Zoom session January 20th 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm and learn more about how to get involved as an ambassador! 
What are Health & Wellness Ambassadors?
Delaware 4-H Health & Wellness Ambassadors are official representatives and promoters of holistic healthy living, including fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and substance use prevention.
Ultimate Goals of Health & Wellness Ambassadors:
Learn about and promote healthy lifestyle choices
Create media about healthy living
Community outreach & education
Asset building, education, and promotion
Create and facilitate community change
Who should join?
 Teens ages 13-18 interested in cultivating skills of health, wellness, and leading a healthy lifestyle! If you are looking for a way to gain professional or volunteer experience in health and wellness, this is for you!
What does becoming a Health and Wellness Ambassador Entail?
Through registration you will be able to attend our Delaware 4-H Health and Wellness Ambassador monthly meetings with other individuals who share a passion for health and wellness and receive information on opportunities to get involved with promoting health and wellness in the Delaware community. Each month we will focus on areas of health and wellness such as; nutrition, mindfulness, fitness, prevention, and more! We will do this through virtual wellness workshops, hearing from guest speakers and engaging in curriculum training opportunities!
Questions about joining? Contact Alyssa Whittaker
Join us for our next Zoom session by registering below.
Details/Zoom Link will be sent to you upon registration a week prior to the January meeting.

Register HERE

Call for Questions!
Do you have a question about eating disorders OR addiction? Submit your questions anonymously using the  link HERE!

Ag Week animal programs for 4-H families

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2022 Ag Week Beef Program

Tuesday January 11th-6:30- 8:30 pm

Featured speaker Dr. Tara L. Felix, PAS, PhD Extension Beef Specialist, Associate Professor Animal Science, Penn State University

Dr. Tara Felix is an Associate Professor in the Animal Science Department at Pennsylvania State University. She interacts with the Livestock Extension Team around the state to provide programs and courses designed to benefit Pennsylvania cattle producers. In addition, she has an applied research program on campus, designed and focused on improving profitability of beef producers in PA. Her areas of expertise include: beef cattle nutrition, metabolism, management,  and feedlot nutrition and management.

6:30 pm- Welcome – Susan Garey, Extension Agent, Animal Science, University of Delaware

6:35- 7:20 pm- What We Think We “Know” About Beef x Dairy – Dr. Tara Felix, PAS, PhD

7:20-7:30 pm- Break

7:30-7:40 pm- Delaware Beef Advisory Board Updates

7:40- 8:25 pm –Best Practices for Making Beef From the Dairy Herd– Dr. Tara Felix, PAS, PhD

8:25 pm- Questions and Wrap Up

2022 Delaware Ag Week – Swine Session

January 12, 2022

6:00 – 8:30 pm

6:00 – 6:15 PM Introductions and Welcome– John Tigner- President, Delaware Pork Producers Association and Susan Truehart Garey- Extension Agent Animal Science

6:15 – 6:30 PM African Swine Fever- Dr. Heather Hirst, DVM- State Veterinarian, Delaware Department of Agriculture

6:30 – 6:45 PM Federal Premises Identification Number (PIN) and Animal ID – How Your Farm Can Benefit      Amanda Fabi-Animal Health Inspector, Delaware Department of Agriculture

6:45 – 7:00 PM BREAK 

7:00 – 7:30 PM Secure Pork Supply/AgView– John Heins, Producer and State Engagement Manager, National Pork Board

7:30 – 8:00 PM Current Porcine Reproduction and Respiratory Syndrome(PRRS) 1,4,4 Outbreak– What Producers Need to Know- Dr. Lisa Becton, DVM, MS, DACVPM, Director of Swine Health, National Pork Board

8:00 – 8:30 PM Questions and Answers and Wrap Up

Small Ruminant (Sheep and Goat) Program

Thursday January 13th-6:00- 8:30 pm


6:00- 6:05- Welcome – Susan Truehart Garey, Extension Agent Animal Science, University of Delaware

6:05 -6:35 pm- Delaware Small Ruminant Parasite Research Updates- Dr. Kwame Matthews, Small Ruminant Specialist, Delaware State University

6:35 7:05 pm- Building a Sustainable Meat Goat Industry Through Collaboration – Dr. Terry Gipson, Goat Extension Leader, Langston University

7:05-7:15 pm- Break

7:15- 8:00 pm – Understanding the Impacts of Toxoplasmosis on Small Ruminants– Dr. Kwame Matthews, Small Ruminant Extension Specialist, Delaware State University

8:00-8:20 pm– Lambing and Kidding Simulation Model – Dan Severson, New Castle County Agricultural Agent, University of Delaware

8:30 pm- Questions and Wrap Up


Register HERE for any Ag Week session

4th H for Health

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January Edition


Penguin Snack


Oval crackers

Pretzel Crackers

Cream cheese

Sliced black olives

Large whole black olives




  1. Cut the large olives into quarters to make wings.
  2. Cut some carrot slices into a few small triangles for the beaks and feet.
  3. Spread the cream cheese on the pretzel crackers.
  4. Place olive slices as head and wings
  5. Place carrots as feet and beak


Mindfulness Activity:

As the holidays wind down and the days become shorter, many people can begin to have the “winter blues”. Breathing exercises are a great way to practice mindfulness, and soften feelings of  sadness, anxiety, or lethargy.

  • INHALE through your nose for 2 seconds (try to fill stomach with air)
  • EXHALE for 4 seconds, like you’re pretending to blow on hot food
  • INHALE count 2
  • EXHALE count 2
  • Repeat 3x!



New Prevention/Behavioral Health & Wellness site

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Delaware Cooperative Extension/4-H Youth Development has developed a website focused on Prevention/Behavioral Health and Wellness. This site stores data, prevention agencies, educational content and activities, wellness resources, and upcoming events. The purpose of this website is for youth, adults, parents, community members, and educators to access information and resources regarding prevention and wellness. For monthly updates, and to learn what youth are doing in their communities, subscribe to the site at the bottom of the page. Thank you!


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The Delaware 4-H Program joins in partnership with GOLO, the pioneering wellness solutions company, to promote and provide important information on vegetables and fruits we should all eat to be healthier. We appreciate the monetary support of GOLO to our 4-H program around the initiative of Healthy Living, and their interest in the health and well-being of our 4-H youth. This is the second issue of this information we will be sharing with all our audiences. 

Please take time to review this information and include more vegetables and fruits in your normal daily diets. Look for additional information we will be sharing on a quarterly basis about other vegetables and fruits to eat.


• Radishes have been around since the 1500s
• Great low-calorie snack; 1 cup = 19 calories
• Members of the Brassicaceae family, related to kale and broccoli

• California and Florida are biggest radish growers
• Seven million tons of radishes are produced every year
• Several varieties are available year-round
• Harvested before they flower
• Adds a tasty crunch to salads
• Great fresh, juiced, or sauteed
• Good source of vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6, and calcium
• Natural antioxidant to increase immunity of the body

Swiss Chard

• Also known as silver beet, spinach beet, chard, or Roman kale
• Cooking the swiss chard will remove the bitterness but it can be eaten raw
• Most popular in Mediterranean countries
• Can grow to 28 inches high
• Excellent source of vitamin K that helps support vision, heart, and lung health
• Helps to regulate blood sugar levels, prevent various cancers, improve digestion, and reduce fever and inflammation
• Swiss Chard has a large amount of beta carotene which is linked to healthy eyes


• Available fresh, frozen, canned, and juiced
• Carrots are a common vegetable throughout the world
• There are over 100 species of carrots
• 87% of a carrot is water
• Good source of vitamin A, important for normal vision and the immune system
• Has a high fiber content that can assist with digestion and protects against diverticular disease
• Contain medical properties that repair damaged cells, maintain health of the skin, cure eye disease, and regulate blood pressure


• Can be boiled, roasted, or used in juices
• Betacyanin which gives beetroot the color, is an antioxidant that helps with the immune system
• Contains betaine which helps relax the mind and helps to suppress depression symptoms
• Highest sugar content of any vegetable
• Low in sodium which helps to reduce the risk of high blood pressure
• The entire plant is edible, from the tips of the leaves to the roots
• High levels of unique antioxidants and anti-inflammatory contribute to a reduction in the risk of many types of cancers


• Available fresh and frozen
• Packed with antioxidants and other nutrients which helps lower the risk of cancers
• Full of Vitamin A and K that helps the immune system, bone metabolism, and regulating blood clotting
• Harvested after the first frost to ensure that some starches have turned into sugars
• Contains lutein, a nutrient that helps create the plant’s color and keeps eyes healthy
• Good source of fiber
• Kale is a good source of minerals such as calcium needed for bone health, muscle contractions, and hormone regulation

Winter Squash

• Varieties include pumpkin, spaghetti, acorn, and butternut
• Good source of Vitamin C
• Healthy source of fiber
• Contain polysaccharides that help regulate blood sugar
• Seeds can be prepared the same way as pumpkin seeds
• Full of magnesium and potassium to build strong bones and muscle function
• Certain compounds in squash like beta-carotene and lutein help to protect human cells from the damaging effects of oxygen

Winter Squash


• Avocados are high in potassium, which should support healthy blood pressure levels
• California produces 90% of the U.S. crop
• Taste and texture depend on the region their grow from
• Great addition to breakfast meals, side dishes, or entrée topping
• Try substituting an avocado for mayonnaise, when massed, it can provide a creamy texture to any dish
• Ripen an avocado by placing it in a brown paper bag with a banana
• Naturally sugar-free and sodium-free which help reduce the risk of high blood pressure

13 Surprising Facts About Avocados


• Available fresh, canned, and juiced
• Great source of vitamin C which helps maintain healthy skin, bones, and teeth
• High in vitamin A which helps maintain the immune system
• One of the lowest-calorie fruits
• Contains few calories but lots of water which helps with weight loss
• Grapefruit may help reduce insulin resistance, which may lower the risk of developing diabetes
• Many types of antioxidants that help prevent the development of some chronic conditions


• Great source of vitamin C and vitamin A important for normal vision and the immune system
• Tangerine peel contains antioxidant, called tangeretin that helps to lower cholesterol
• Contains collagen that will prevent and treat skin damage caused by sun exposure
• High in fiber which helps to lose weight
• Antioxidants protect brain cells from the damage associated with schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.
• Versatile fruit – can be added to numerous dishes from breakfasts to desserts and cocktails


• Kiwi offers a range of nutrients such as fiber, vitamin C, folate, copper, and potassium
• Skin and seeds are edible
• 50 different varieties with flesh ranging from custard-like gold to bright pink
• High amount of vitamin C and antioxidants can help control symptoms of asthma
• Kiwi has an enzyme, actinidin, which can effectively break down proteins in the gut, improving digestion
• Contains lutein an essential nutrient in vision health
• Originated from China and was originally called the “Chinese Gooseberry”

Kiwi Fruit – Benefits, Nutritional Value & Kiwi for Weight Loss

Upcoming National Youth Summits- In-Person!

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National Youth Summit on Agri-Science
March 10 – 13, 2022

The Delaware 4-H Program will support two (2) Delaware 4-H youth and one (1) volunteer leader/staff chaperone to attend the National Youth Summit on Agri-Science.

At the National Youth Summit on AgriScience high school students interested in becoming Champions for Agriculture in their communities will gain knowledge and skills in agri-science related to the production of food, feed, fuel, and fiber, especially in the rapidly emerging areas of animal and plant sciences and technologies, learn about challenges facing agriculture, interact with agricultural scientists, researchers, leaders, politicians, and advocates, and increase awareness of career opportunities and pathways in agriculture. Students are trained to create action plans to implement in their communities and teach other youth about what they have learned. The structure of the summits maximizes the amount of hands-on learning experiences and translates that learning to direct outcomes.

This Summit is open to any high school student in grades 9-12 as of September 2021.

Delaware 4-H members must complete an application (attached) to be considered to attend the conference.

This application is due to the State 4-H Office by Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Mail or email application to:
State 4-H Office
531 S. College Avenue
113 Townsend Hall
Newark, DE 19716


Agent Letter

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Happy Holidays!

As we head into December and 2021 begins to come to an end, we slow down in the 4-H community for a short time before we hit the ground running again in the New Year. As we take a moment and reflect on all that has gone on the past eleven months, I want to thank each one of you for having grace and rolling with it as we adapted and changed to ensure that we were able to participate in 4-H activities. As we continue to push ahead to make sure we can offer the best programming to our youth, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

The University of Delaware offices (and therefore, the 4-H office) will be closed Thursday, December 23rd – Sunday, January 2nd. We will re-open on Monday, January 3rd.

This past month we celebrated Public Speaking and National 4-H Congress. In December we are looking forward to:

Jr. Council and Leaders Meetings

Conference, Healthy Living and Agri-Science Summit Applications Due

Holiday Fun Day

Back in the beginning of October we celebrated seven volunteers who were inducted to the Delaware 4-H Hall of Fame.  If you see them out in the community, please be sure to thank them for everything they have done. They are great advocates for Delaware 4-H along with all of you. They were Marian Harvey, Richard and Janice Melson, Brenda and Chuck Ebling, and Brenda and Denis Shaffer. Thank you all for everything you have done for past, present and future 4-H members in Delaware!


Things you can start preparing for that will be happening in January are the following:

Photography Contest

Foods Judging

Camp Counselor Meetings

…and get those recipes out as we will also have Favorite Foods!

Favorite Foods and Photo entries are due to Serena  by Friday, January 14th.


We love to hear all the great things you are doing with your club members! Club reporters- don’t forget to submit your club news to Serena by the 25th of each month to be included in the newsletter.


Be sure to look at our online newsletter, Friday emails and Delaware 4-H Facebook for updates and news. If you aren’t receiving the Friday emails, please let us know.


I hope you enjoy the Holidays with your family and loved ones! Remember to take a few seconds to embrace the moment, relax and enjoy!


Yours in 4-H,

Ms. Kaitlin

Extension Educator, 4-H


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