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Virtual National Youth STEM Summit

National Youth STEM Summit: Mars Basecamp
November 6-8, 2020

The Delaware 4-H Program will support Delaware 4-H youth and volunteer leaders/staff to attend the virtual National Youth STEM Summit.

The National Youth STEM Summit caters to high school aged
students who are curious and industrious. Your team of astronauts is stranded on Mars. Your supplies are dwindling. How will you survive, and how will you return to Earth? At the 2020 STEM Summit,
students will work with peers and group leaders on a variety of workshops and exercises built around solving this main problem. Each collaborative exercise will test and strengthen both the STEM skills and the teamwork and collaboration it takes to solve complex problems in the real world – and on Mars.

This Summit is open to any high school student in grades 9-12 as of September 2020.

Delaware 4-H members must complete an application (attached) to be considered to attend this virtual conference.
This application is due to Doug Crouse by Wednesday, October 14, 2020.
Email application to:

STEM Summit 2020 Application


Tractor Supply Paper Clover Campaign

October 7-18

Tractor Supply stores in communities across the country have long supported 4-H clubs, and now, Tractor Supply Co. has entered into an official partnership with the National 4-H Council as your source for 4-H project supplies.

100% of funds raised benefit 4-H. 90% fund State level scholarships to 4-H camps and leadership experiences and 10% supports National 4-H Council for administration. Tractor Supply Company guarantees a minimum donation of $200,000 per Paper Clover Campaign (or $400,000 a year).

Each Spring and Fall, Tractor Supply will help raise money for 4-H programs with the Paper Clover Campaign, a national in-store fundraiser that benefits 4-H programming.

Please visit for info on how you can donate.

4-H in Action

A special suppliment to the Delmarva Farmer by 4-H’ers for 4-H’ers


While the coronavirus has changed so much of our lives, we know
4-H youth are still active and have stories to tell.
Share those stories in 4-H in Action!

What is 4-H in Action?

4-H in Action is an annual newspaper written by 4-H members from Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, showcasing the diversity of the program. 4-H members can write stories, columns, and take and submit photos for the supplement.
In support of 4-H Youth Development, a portion of the advertising revenue will be donated to the 4-H Programs in each of the states.

What is the format of stories to be included?

News Story:

This is an article about an event/happening/experience/person written in the 3rd person point
of view. Length is about 500 words.
Example: A reporter interviewing 4-Hers about the impact of their County Fair having to cancel.

Opinion/Editorial :

The author’s opinion on a topic or issue supported with facts. Example: A 4-Her’s opinion on the power of 4-H on youth.

Column :

A story told from the first person point of view, with opinion, reflection. Example: What Virtual 4-H Camp meant to me this summer.

News Brief :

Short article announcing small news. Covers the basics — who, what, where, when and why. 100-200 words. Example: A new 4-H club forms in your county.

Feature photo:

A picture with a longer caption. Caption has 2 or more sentences explaining the photo and giving context. Example: Photo of projects you completed during the year.

How do you participate? Where do I submit my article?

When articles are complete, email them as a Word document to Sean Clougherty,
Attach high-resolution photos separately in the e-mail. Include your County, 4-H Club name and age in the message. You can also reach Sean with questions at 410-822-3965 or

When is the Deadline?
Articles and photos are to be submitted by Monday, September 23, 2020
Scheduled publication date is October 6, during National 4-H Week.

Club Spotlight

Phillip C. Showell Afterschool Club

4-H afterschool program at Phillip C. Showell Elementary School has been an integral part of the Indian River School District for the last four years. Federally funded by the Nita. M Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Centers program, this afterschool program is not your traditional 4-H.

With our 21st CCLC programs, we strive to improve academic performance and school attendance, improve the connection between the school and i’s families, and increase the capacity of participants to become productive adults.

The program meets every Monday-Thursday during the school year, from 2:35 until 5:45. Each day at the program, participants are provided with opportunities for physical activity, extensive homework help and remediation, a free meal, and all kinds of STEM and Art’s activities.

We also offer a full day program for eight weeks each summer. The summer program includes all the fun of the afterschool program, while also adding in a big day at the Delaware State Fair, field trips to places like Assateague Island, Jungle Jim’s, and Killens Pond State Park.

To cap it all off, each year, about ten of our students who best exemplify Head, Heart, Hands, and Health, are chosen to go on a three day trip to the 4-H National Conference Center in Washington D.C.

Although COVID has forced us to close our program for the last few months, each Friday throughout the summer, we have been delivering STEM kits, 4-H goodies, and other fun things to our students. We have enjoyed making the best of an unfortunate situation this summer, but we are looking forward to getting back to school this fall and being all together once again!

Info on Project Books and STEM Activities


A special collection of project books is available for free on the Perfect Stay-at-Home Projects web page.

Download one for free.  

(For accessible formats of these publications, visit


Other Free Project Book Resources: 

Utah Discover Clubs (some are marked compatible with common materials found at home).


Keep up with the latest NASA STEM happenings by subscribing to the NASA EXPRESS newsletter


STEM Activities & Resources Websites:



Looking for activities to do at home?


Take a look at the 4-H STEM LAB for Cool Activities at Home
Activities for Youth Grades K-12

Virtual Farm Tours While You’re Stuck at Home

Click HERE

Answer the questions below as you view this virtual fieldtrip. Enjoy!
1. What are three examples of foods that can be made from the milk harvested at dairy farms?
2. How many cows does it take to support a farm family?
3. How many acres is this farm?
4. How many times a day are the cows milked at this farm?
5. What is the mother’s first milk called, and shy is it important for a calf?
6. What is the age that dairy heifers are bred?
7. Why are calves dehorned?
8. What happens to the male offspring that are sold?
9. Describe how the teats are cleaned before milking.
10. How long does it take to milk a cow typically?
11. How often are the milk bulk tanks emptied at the farm?
12. How often do cows have babies? Why is this important?
13. Describe how the cows are fed.
14. Describe how the manure is used at the farm.
15. Explain the different between whole, 2% and 1% milk.

Drug Facts Week Challenge

Drug Facts Week Challenge for 4-H Teens – Delaware 4-H is offering teens an opportunity to reach their community with information about the dangers of vaping, alcohol, marijuana or prescription drugs by creating videos of themselves or others sharing already developed announcements.  The flyer and the announcements are attached.  The first 10 teens who submit a video will receive $100 gift card.  Here is a Tik Tok video as a sample and teens can create video using phones or cameras as works best for them.