Insurance for Students

Student Health Insurance Plan

The University believes student wellness is essential to academic progress and wants to ensure all students have health insurance coverage.  Therefore, the University sponsors a Student Health Insurance Plan (UD Plan) that offers benefits for covered medical expenses at a relatively low cost for single students.  Coverage is also available for a student’s spouse, civil union spouse, and/or dependent children at an additional charge.

Depending on the student’s status, he/she may either: (1) be required to buy the UD Plan or complete a waiver form (i.e. Mandatory Students); or (2) be able to buy the UD Plan on a voluntary basis (i.e. Voluntary Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows.)  Please visit University Health Plans to determine which category applies to your student status.

The University’s current student health insurance provider is Aetna, and the plan is administered by University Health Plans (UHP).  Students may visit the UD Plan web portal at University Health Plans to view a full plan description, plan benefits, exclusions, limitations, and terms of coverage.

Health insurance information for graduating students and dependents is available on the University Health Plans website.

2021 – 2022 Rates for Annual Coverage

2022 – 2023 Rates for Annual Coverage

2023 -2024 Rates for Annual Coverage

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Dental and Vision Plans

For information about the University-sponsored dental and vision plans, visit University Health Plans, choose your student status and then click on “Optional Plans” which is found on the left hand side.  Enrollment in these plans is completely voluntary, is not based on Student Health Insurance Plan enrollment, and is open to all matriculated students, postdoctoral fellows, and their eligible dependents.

Student Personal Property Insurance

The University does not assume liability for damage, theft or loss of personal property not caused by the University’s gross negligence or intentional act or omission. The University will not reimburse Student or their parents/guardians for damaged, lost, or stolen personal property. Students are encouraged to protect their personal property from loss by purchasing appropriate insurance, as students are not covered under the University’s state and commercial property insurance policy program. Students should review any applicable homeowner’s policy that the student or student’s family might have to determine whether the contents of the student’s University room are covered or if personal property insurance should be purchased. When students consider this insurance protection, they should keep in mind the replacement cost of such items as computer, jewelry, musical instruments, electronics, books, calculators, clothes and shoes, and sports equipment. Students can access information regarding the purchase of personal property coverage by clicking onto the link below.

Fraternity/Sorority Insurance

The national fraternity/sorority must have at least $1 million of general liability insurance for the chapter to be recognized. A copy of a certificate of insurance from the national fraternity/sorority must be forwarded to the Office of Risk Management annually.  The University of Delaware must be the certificate holder and an additional insured on the policy and this coverage must be evidenced by a certificate of insurance and the applicable additional insured endorsement. The certificate must also document that this insurance provides primary and non-contributory coverage for the University for claims arising out of the chapters’ actions.

For the full Freedom of Association Policy, please refer to the following link: