Traveling with UD

Traveling with UD

You’re traveling on behalf of the University of Delaware (UD), which is exciting for so many reasons – exposure to new locales, cultures, education and more.  However, when you are a traveler in an unfamiliar place and the unexpected arises, you need to have the resources to turn to for support.


Drum Cussac

Drum Cussac provides travel risk information and services to facilitate both domestic and international travel by all UD authorized travelers.  This partnership will provide safety and security intelligence prior to travel departure and alerts of emerging risks for the duration of your trip, in addition to granting the ability for 2-way communication in the event of an emergency via their mobile app.  Should a situation arise that warrants evacuation of the area from where you have traveled, Drum Cussac will also provide extraction services.

For Faculty and Staff:  In order for your travel to automatically be populated in the Drum Cussac platform, travel must be booked through Concur on the World Travel site.  Once travel is booked, you will receive a welcome email with additional information.  You will need to register manually with Drum Cussac when travel is not booked through Concur, in order to receive information.

For Students and Faculty Traveling with the Institute for Global Studies (IGS): Your travel will be uploaded to the platform by the Institute for Global Studies (IGS) prior to your departure; this applies to World Scholars, Study Abroad and Domestic Study Programs only. Once uploaded, you will receive a welcome email with additional information.

For Students Traveling for UD Affiliated Travel outside of IGS: In order for your travel to be populated in the Drum Cussac platform, you will need to forward your flight and accommodation confirmations from your UD email address to:

Once processed by the Drum Cussac platform, you will receive a welcome email with additional information.

All UD travelers are encouraged to visit Drum Cussac’s website or download their mobile app and use your UD credentials to login and gain access to an array of safety and security information prior to and during your trip.  Drum Cussac will communicate emerging risks and concerns in your destination vicinity through email and mobile app push notifications.

Drum Cussac Quick Reference Guide



GeoBlue provides our campus community with international medical insurance coverage. With more than 20 years’ experience simplifying the international healthcare experience for students, faculty and staff, GeoBlue, a BlueCross BlueShield Company, has a significant provider network in over 190 countries, and all major cities, as well as many remote regions, representing over 120 medical specialties. Support for services is available 24/7, by phone, web, or mobile app. International medical coverage through GeoBlue is provided to our campus community with a $0 deductible.

In order to access GeoBlue resources, you will need to register with GeoBlue; to register, click here.  In order to register, you will need a group access code.  The code is found in the Blanket Member Guide and/or Insurance ID Card, reference below.  (Students and Faculty participating in IGS Travel will automatically be enrolled in GeoBlue by the Institute for Global Studies.)  Once registered, travelers can access resources by clicking onto GeoBlue Resources.

All UD travelers are encouraged to visit GeoBlue’s website or download their mobile app to register.  You will need the Group Access Code that can be found on the Quick Member Guide linked above.

Once registered, you will have access to the Insurance ID card, their provider network in the locale to which you are traveling, can make appointments in advance of arrival and much more.

Other GeoBlue Resources:

Blanket Member Guide (includes coverages and exclusions)

Insurance ID Card


Travel Updates

To access information concerning recent conditions and updated travel related concerns (i.e. outbreaks, high profile unrest), as issued by our Travel Duty of Care partners, click on the respective links below:


Drum Cussac