Accident and Claims Reporting


Report any University property loss to the Office of Risk Management and follow up with a written statement including:

  • Date of occurrence
  • Detailed information regarding property damaged or stolen (i.e. who, what, where and when)
  • Proof of ownership (i.e. copy of original purchase order or paid invoice)
  • Serial numbers and/or UD tag numbers (if available)
  • Substantiation of replacement cost of item

All property claims are subject to a deductible which varies depending upon the equipment.  The deductible is to be borne by the department that owns the property.

No personal property is covered by University insurance.

Motor Vehicles


  • Notify local police or University Police (831-2222), if on campus.  A police report must be generated in order for the Office of Risk Management to review the claim.
  • Notify your immediate supervisor.
  • University leased or owned vehicles are subject to a $2,000 deductible, to be borne by the department whose vehicle was damaged.
  • Never admit fault or liability when involved in an accident with another vehicle.  Do not sign a statement admitting responsibility for damages or injury.
  • Complete the Auto Accident Report Form and submit to Risk Management.
  • UD Auto Loss Payment Procedure

Motor Vehicle Drivers

The University of Delaware’s auto insurance policy covers any damages or losses to University-owned vehicles.  It also covers any damages or losses to vehicles leased or rented by University employees for Official University Business in the United States and Canada.


Departments will be charged a deductible of $2,000 per accident.

Use of Personal Motor Vehicles

In the event of an accident while using your personal motor vehicle for Official University Business, YOUR auto insurance is always PRIMARY. The University’s insurance is EXCESS of your primary limits for damages to a third party only. The University’s insurance does not provide property coverage for personal vehicles.

When Employees are renting vehicles to be used exclusively for University business, they should:

  1. use a University P-card when possible
  2. notify the Office of Risk Management if the rental will last for 30 days or longer
  3. purchase the optional Collision Damage Waiver/Supplemental Liability Protection Insurance coverage for a minimum of $500,000 when making the reservation, if using a supplier other than those listed as Preferred

University drivers should complete the Motor Pool Driver Certification and submit to Risk Management.