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Potholes are Not Inevitable

Okay, perhaps an occasional pothole is statistically likely to come your way.  But (and here comes the tough love), if your streets are littered with potholes, it’s time to re-evaluate some of your life choices. Let’s look at why this is happening to you.  Potholes...

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Towards More Durable Concrete

Too often lately, we don’t finish concrete as well as we used to.  Why is that?  Does the surface shown below look a little too familiar?  When our concrete flatwork develops scaling, mortar flaking, and pop-outs early in its life, the easy retort is that deicing...

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2023 Build a Better Mousetrap Competition is Underway!

Calling all innovators!  You are never afraid to cut something down, weld something up, repurpose the thing, or find a whole new way to use a tool to achieve cheaper, faster, easier, and safer results.  Maybe it starts out as a harebrained scheme, but it ends up...

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