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Roadway Departure – a Focus Area of the Delaware SHSP

Roadway departure crashes in Delaware rival those related to impaired driving, which we discussed a bit back in November.  Indeed, between 2015 and 2019, roadway departure was a factor in 28% of fatalities and 16% of serious injuries, right behind impaired driving. ...

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Winter Weather is Slippin’ Time

The hazards of winter weather are upon us.  As first responders, the public works community will confront those hazards head-on and it is essential that we take a few minutes out and remind crews of best practices to avoid occupational injuries associated with...

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An Improved Longitudinal Paving Joint?

Well, we’ll see.  Longitudinal asphalt paving joints, whether at the centerline or at other paver passes, are common starter kits for distresses in the asphalt surface. There are a few reasons for longitudinal joints being problem children.  When a project allows the...

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