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Safety Corner – Equipment Blind Spots

Operator blind spots are a serious liability risk in work zones and workers are paying with their lives.  Highway work zones, under the best of circumstances, can be chaotic and dangerous.  In fact, about 750 fatalities occur each year in U.S. work zones and some 120...

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MUTCD – Throw Away Good Signs?

When a major revision to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), such as the 2009 Edition, is published, there is often an outcry that the changes will require immediate changes to signs and other traffic control devices, even though the existing...

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The Battle Against Pedestrian Barriers

Do you have a published Transition Plan to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act?  If not, you are likely exposed to more liability risk than is necessary, even if you are making some progress removing pedestrian barriers in the public right of way.  The...

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