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Curious and Colorful Crosswalks

Have you traveled through the Town of Milton this summer?  If so, you may have observed something curious and colorful. An inspired group, led by Councilwoman Randi Meredith, has modified a number of marked crosswalks in town, in hopes they will “pop” better for...

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Cool Weather Concrete is Coming

We talked about cold weather concrete challenges and solutions a couple of years ago.  As we move into the fall (sorry, summer’s over), we will first encounter cool weather challenges for concrete.  Many of the challenges are similar to what we talked about in that...

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Flagging – the Gateway to Safe Work Zones

Flagging operations for temporary traffic control (be it work zones, parades, block parties, or bike and running races) is serious business and the good news is that we collectively take it far more seriously than we used to.  The best local agencies, contractors, and...

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