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Did You Mix QA with QC? You Monster!

Okay, we’re going to have a little fun here at the expense of academic researchers and probably someone at the Federal Highway Administration, who we’ll refer to as Trent, but along the way, we might accidentally learn you something about quality assurance in the work...

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Rusty Lee Earns National Achievement Award

  The Achievement Award is presented by NLTAPA to an individual (or individuals) in recognition of their dedication, leadership, and effectiveness in promoting the goals and purposes of the Association.  This year, the Association recognized two individuals, so...

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Just For Fun – A Little Pavement Preservation Trivia

What to do while you eat your salad at lunch time?  How about a little pavement preservation mind exercise?  Get your geek on and see if you can fill it all out – in pen.  Look, it’s not the New York Times puzzle, but why do they have to be so smug with their big...

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