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Establishing Speed Limits…The Right Way

Speed limits…if these haven’t driven you a tad crazy, you haven’t been in public service long enough.  For very understandable reasons, our residents appear at public meetings on a regular basis to request and even demand a change in speed limit, usually because they...

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Robin and Rick Are The RMC Registration Winners!

Delaware local agency personnel that registered early for the Roadway Management Conference (RMC) were entered into a drawing for two free registrations and we drew our winners on August 29.  Wally the Work Zone Warrior stopped by the office to officiate and help...

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Training Opportunities for the Fall

The bulk of our fall training has been scheduled, so have a look and sign up before they fill up.  These training workshops are free for public agencies and private sector folks are welcome for a modest fee when we have space.  So what’s on the docket? October 8, we...

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