The DCT Policy Council advises the Director on the strategic direction of research programs and priorities; procedures and practices for allocating research support; methods for maximizing the effectiveness of DCT programs; and developmental initiatives that may enhance DCT resources and contributions to the State and its people.

Delaware Department of Transportation

DelDOT’s Vision

Every Trip – We strive to make every trip taken in Delaware safe, reliable and convenient for people and commerce.
Every Mode – We provide safe choices for travelers in Delaware to access roads, rails, buses, airways, waterways, bike trails, and walking paths.
Every Dollar – We seek the best value for every dollar spent for the benefit of all.
Everyone – We engage our customers and employees with respect and courtesy as we deliver our services.

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University Transportation Center

The Center draws on Delaware’s strategic location in a region with all transportation modes that support economic development and improved quality of life and on corridors that are of national significance as a testbed for our work. The region is representative of many others with significant issues related to congestion, safety, aging infrastructure, and the competing demands of transporting individual travelers and freight while protecting the environment.

Focusing on highway, transit, and freight corridors, the UDUTC addresses problems of national importance as well as those that are specific to Delaware but have the potential for results that are transferable to other parts of the country. Advanced research focuses on the use of data to better understand and improve the resiliency of transportation corridors to both short- and long-term pressures and the development of tools to support the integrated management of corridors.

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Center for Innovative Bridge Engineering

Center objectives

  • Provide a focal point for faculty members on the University of Delaware campus working in the area of bridge engineering.
  • Bring together researchers from diverse disciplines and institutions to address the growing problem of maintaining and renewing bridge infrastructure.
  • Advance the state-of-the-art of bridge engineering.
  • Attract the best students to the Center and educate outstanding bridge engineers.
  • Transfer newly developed and existing technology from other fields of study to enhance the world’s bridge infrastructure.

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National Highway Institute

The National Highway Institute (NHI), a division of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), works to improve the performance of the transportation industry through training. To achieve this mission, NHI provides transportation-related training in several formats including both classroom-based and online learning as well as free Web-based seminars and asynchronous training materials.

NHI’s mission is composed of the following goals:

  • Training the current and future transportation workforce
  • Transferring knowledge quickly and effectively to and among transportation professionals
  • Providing training that addresses the full life cycle of the highway transportation system

In serving the national transportation community, NHI partners with many organizations. We provide training resources to customers, partners, and course participants through States, local governments, and private organizations.

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