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Delaware Update to Entry Level Driver Training

We are nearly a year into the “new” Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) and many local agencies have sorted out their approach, but there remains some pain, struggling, and confusion here and there. If you have employees that require a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)...

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Lives Depend on Safe Trench Excavations

There were 15 fatalities from trenching and excavation work in 2021, but in the first six months of 2022, we already saw 22 such fatalities. Simply put, these are avoidable.  We know how to avoid them.  We can truly get to zero deaths from trench collapses. Why don’t...

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Snowplow Simulator Training at Delaware Tech

Training for your snow and ice fighters is important to keep their skills sharp, remind them of risks, and increase safety for roadway users and themselves.  Training can take many forms and one of those is the use of a snowplow simulator.  In the past, snowplow...

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