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The T²/LTAP Program is a partnership among state universities, state departments of transportation, and the Federal Highway Administration. There are 52 LTAP and TTAP centers in the the United States and Puerto Rico with primary missions to promote training, technology transfer, and research project implementation at state and local transportation agencies. Many centers involve undergraduate and graduate students in their programs. This gives these students opportunities to have “real world” experiences with potential employers.


To be recognized as the preferred technology transfer and training resource of Delaware’s local and state government transportation agencies. To maintain this prominence by evaluating and supplying transportation technology (in its widest applications) using techniques most appropriate for acceptance, retention and implementation.


To promote a safe, efficient and environmentally sound multi-modal transportation system. To accomplish this, we work closely with our partners and customers to anticipate, understand and satisfy their technology transfer needs.

Guiding Principle

The Statewide long-range Transportation Plan is built on consensus between state and local agencies and the people. It prescribes policies and procedures for many years. Technology Transfer and training activities must conform to the plan which provides multi-modal and land use initiatives.

For more information, contact Delaware T²/LTAP Center, Rusty Lee at (302) 831-6241 or by email elee@udel.edu or, Sandi Wolfe at (302) 831-4094 or email sandiw@udel.edu



Rusty Lee
Program Director

(302) 831-6241
Matheu Carter
Circuit Rider Engineer

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Sandi Wolfe
Event Coordinator

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