Free Engineering Circuit Rider Program

Technical Assistance for your Municipal Transportation Challenges

The T² Program is a partnership among state universities, state departments of transportation, and the Federal Highway Administration. There are 58 centers throughout the United States with primary missions to promote training, technology transfer, and research project implementation at state and local transportation agencies. Many centers, including ours, involve undergraduate and graduate students in their programs, thereby affording students opportunities to have “real world” experiences with potential employers.

Who Needs Us?

You may be a city manager, a town clerk, a director of public works, a streets superintendent, or an elected official. Regardless of your level of direct or indirect responsibility for transportation engineering issues or your relative level of expertise, the Circuit Rider Program is prepared to assist you with a host of technical, regulatory, procedural, and policy areas of your transportation challenges.

“Bridging” Your Transportation Gaps

Many small towns have no day-to-day engineering staff. The Circuit Rider Program can help you identify problem root causes, develop and evaluate solutions, assist you towards design and construction, and develop protective policies.

Larger towns and cities may have established technical staff. Here too, we can provide peer review services, recommend alternatives, and perform independent audits or evaluations.

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Matt Carter
T² Engineer
(302) 831-7236