It’s paving season and whether you are part of the paving crew or inspecting for the project owner, you will be around some hot areas.  There are plenty of other activities this summer that can present the same challenges – namely, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke. 

Working around paving and similar equipment, the heat of the motors, the heat of the materials, and the relative lack of air circulation mean that temperatures can rise quickly, and your body may not be exposed to the breezes that can draw heat away from you. 

As we enter into the hottest part of the summer, this is a good time to remind crew members of heat related stresses, their dangers, and what to do about them.  Our tailgate safety talk on the topic can give you a good basis for such a brief meeting with crew members. 

Our heat safety poster can be printed out and pinned up in the breakroom as a reminder for crew members.  Or contact us and we’ll send a copy or two out to you if you like. 

Don’t take chances on the heat.  Much like Mom and Dad told us a thousand times to look both ways before crossing the street, a little reminder can go a long way.  Take ten minutes out for safety one morning this week and then make sure crew members are drinking lots of water, taking breaks in the shade, and are on the lookout for signs of trouble. 

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