Quick Tips for Air Frying

by Caroline Harrington

Air fryers have become a popular option to use when making a meal. Many food bloggers, chefs, and registered dietitian nutritionists now use them when cooking up delicious foods, and you can too! Air fryers can make college student meals easy.

Air fryers have similarities to both fryers and convection ovens. A little oil is added, and hot air circulates the food to cook making the food crispy. They are compact and can be placed on kitchen counter tops. They are super easy to use as well! All you do is plug the chord in, set the time and temperature, and wait for the food to finish cooking. Air fryers are versatile by adding another option to use to cook food in. The food options are endless! Air fryers are good for ravioli, pumpkin seeds, cookie recipes, chicken, hard boiled eggs, homemade chips, and french fries.1

If you use the following tips, you’ll become an air frying pro!

  1. Use inserts. Some air fryers have inserts available. Dish inserts can allow you to bake a cake while rack inserts elevate food in order to cook multiple items at a time.
  2. Roast vegetables. Cooking vegetables in an air fryer is a great use of the equipment! Vegetables get crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.
  3. Coat food with oil. Oils can help with the taste and color of the foods you cook. You can choose what oil you like best whether it is olive oil, vegetable oil, or avocado oil. Don’t forget, a little bit goes a long way!
  4. Do not fill the basket to the top. You should only put enough food in to make a single layer. This will allow the food to cook more evenly.2
  5. Check temperatures. Like ovens, cooking temperatures and times can vary. Also, check temperatures when cooking meats.
  6. Test one or two items at a time especially if you have never used an air fryer.3

Air fryers are sold at many places like Target, Amazon, and Kohls. Some air fryers are pricier than others. Check out this inexpensive air fryer at Target here!

Happy air frying!



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