Opportunity for All

Welcome to the next chapter of UD ADVANCE, which is aimed at increasing opportunities for UD’s faculty. We are proud to join other higher education leaders across the country who are developing new ways to increase the representation and advancement of women faculty in STEM and social science careers, thereby contributing to the development of a more diverse science and engineering workforce.

Supported by a five-year Institutional Transformation grant from the National Science Foundation through summer 2019, UD ADVANCE will energize our campus and create new tools to forge a more inclusive community that will benefit the University as it creates possibilities for every individual. With your participation, UD will strengthen our faculty, contribute to a culture of excellence, take a premier research university to the next level, and make our campus a national model for the advancement of academic professionals in all fields.

Join our broad discussion about fostering diversity, eliminating unintentional biases and creating new pathways to both achievement and work-life balance. Attend events and let your voice be heard within your department.

Welcome to our journey toward a campus where an improved climate for women yields benefits for all faculty and members of our community.