Promotion and Tenure

P&T Panels

UD ADVANCE partners with the provost’s office to offer promotion and tenure (P&T) panels each spring semester. Panels for assistant professors include newly tenured and selected senior faculty as panelists, with a focus on those who have served on P&T committees. Panels for associate professors (post-tenure) feature full-professors panelists from a range of disciplines and with a diversity of experiences. These panels are appropriate for any faculty member looking ahead to their next promotion — not just those intending to go up in the next year. We especially encourage new assistant professors to attend and learn strategies from their recently promoted peers.

COVID-19 Resources Related to P&T

Focus On Associate Professors

ADVANCE Networking Event for CT Faculty

In October 2020, UD ADVANCE hosted a panel discussion moderated by Prof. Nike Olabisi (Biological Sciences) on negotiating success on the continuing track. Notes from the event (posted below) may help CT faculty strategize and plan for their next promotion.

Use of Student Evaluations of Teaching in Promotion and Appraisal

UD ADVANCE had a seat on a committee whose goal was to update and clarify the section of the Faculty Handbook related to providing evidence of teaching excellence in faculty promotion dossiers. The committee plans to continue to consider coming up with a better set of questions for student evaluations of teaching.