Past Events 2019-2020

Virtual Meet Your Faculty Lunch

October 20,  2020                                    Grad Students and Postdocs

In this Virtual Meet your faculty Session, we had an interactive discussion about the journey of our faculty to become a professor in Academia. The discussion revolved around mental health and diversity.  

Virtual Mindfulness

April 14, 2020                                     Grad Students and Postdocs

This year we host our first-ever virtual event. In this Virtual Mindfulness Session led by Dr. Amy Griffin from the Psychological and Brain Science department, students performed a guided mindfulness exercise and learn how to incorporate the skill of mindfulness into their daily routine. 


Coffee Break

November 22, 2019                                     Grad Students and Postdocs

Grad students, post-docs, and faculty members got together in this Fall’s WIE coffee break to enjoy coffee, tea, and snacks and also to meet and get to know the amazing network of engineers at the University of Delaware. We’d like to thank the Office of the Dean of Engineering, the Graduate Women in Engineering, and also the departments of Computer & Information Sciences and Civil Environmental Engineering.

STEM Presentation Master Class

October 2, 2019                                     Grad Students and Postdocs

WIE hosted its second annual workshop titled: “The Performing Art of STEM Presentations: A Master Class for STEM Grad Students” by Nancy Houfek.  This workshop offered specific skills from the theater to become a more engaging and memorable speaker, whether at a professional conference, public event, job talk, or in the classroom.  In this workshop, pre-selected speakers received personalized coaching to connect with the audience, clarify purpose, enhance physical and vocal presence, manage stage fright, and use PowerPoint effectively, while the rest of the group learned by observing and interaction.


Game Night

October 2, 2019                                     Grad Students, Postdocs, and Faculty

In our first annual Board Game Night in Perkins Student Center, many grad students and postdocs joined us for a night of board games and fun. The event was a great chance to meet students from different departments in a laid back setting and to engage in friendly competition with others.

Pizza lunch

August 12, 2019                                     Grad Students, Postdocs, and Faculty

This year’s Pizza Luch provided a great platform to meet the amazing network of women engineers at the University of Delaware. More than 80 women engineers gathered in this year’s Pizza lunch to welcome incoming College of Engineering graduate students, enjoy pizza, play a trivia game, and learn more about the WIE program. Overall, the WIE pizza lunch was a huge success.


Please join us to enjoy some pizza and trivia and

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