Past Events 2017-2018

Ice Cream Social

August 3, 2018                                     Grad Students, Postdocs, and Faculty

Over 150 students showed up to the ice cream social and participated in our ice cream-themed trivia and corn hole games. Thanks to everyone who came and made this event so much fun!

Dual Careers Lunch                                                      

May 23, 2018                                     Grad Students, Postdocs, and Faculty


WIE hosted a lunch focused on the difficult task of balancing a dual-career relationship and maintaining a work-life balance. The discussion was led by Prof. April Kloxin of CBE, Prof. Heather Doty of Mechanical Engineering, and the Associate Dean of Engineering, Prof. Pamela Cook. The event kicked off with the faculty sharing their relevant experiences, followed by an open discussion on questions from students, who asked great questions to the panelists. Lunch from the Olive Tree cafe was provided.

A big thanks to our panelists and everyone who came out to this event!

Spring Coffee Hour                                                      

March 15, 2018                                     Grad Students, Postdocs, and Faculty


This year spring coffee hour was held during Women’s History Month and featured women faculty at UD. Over 35 students joined us over coffee, hot chocolate, and desserts. We had a trivia game to test students’ knowledge on important women in science and engineering, and we had several winners! Thanks to the departments of Biomedical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering for supporting our event.


Career Panel                                                      

February 20, 2018                                     Grad Students and Postdocs


This year WIE hosted a more diverse than ever Career Panel! We had the opportunity to have experts in various disciplines as panelists.
More than 50 students at joined us for this event. Questions from the audience ranged from what it’s like to take a career break to tips for lifelong success in your career. Attendees had the opportunity to meet with the panelists afterward over coffee and treats. Also, for the first time, we made it possible for 20 students to dine with our panelist and continue their discussion in a more intimate gathering.
We would like to thank our panelists:

  • Patty Bielenberg, Fuels and Lubes R&D Portfolio Manager at ExxonMobil
    PhD Chemical Engineering, MIT (2003)
  • Emilio Gonzalez, Program Manager at Consumer Reports
    BS Mechanical Engineering, Cornell (1982)
  • Sarah Kadish, Director of Epic and Systems Operations at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    MS Industrial Engineering Management Science, Northwestern
  • Justine Kao, Siri Machine Learning Data Scientist at Apple
    PhD Cognitive Psychology, Stanford (2016)
  • Majid Khabbazian, Assistant Director, Earth Engineering Incorporated
    PhD Geotechnical Engineering, University of Delaware (2011)
  • Susana Marujo Teixeira, Instrument Scientist, Neutron-Condensed Matter Science Group at NIST
    PhD Chemistry, University of Reading, UK (2003)


Meet your Faculty Lunch                                                      

November 17, 2017                                     Grad Students


A big thank you to Dr. Jeannie Stephens (Biomedical Engineering) and Dr. Lena Mashayekhy (Computer Science) for sharing their personal experiences and their careers in academia. We had over 30 students attend lunch and they asked some very pertinent questions. For example: “should we gain experience in industry during our PhD before deciding to join academia?” and “how do you manage your work-life balance?” Overall, we enjoyed listening to the conversations between faculty and students and can’t wait for next year’s Meet your Faculty lunch!


Global Women Talk Global Science                                                      

October 18, 2017                                     Everyone


This was the first time Women in Engineering (WIE) hosted a panel in which global women discussed what it’s like to be a woman in science, from their perspective. Topics such as the intersection of culture, nationality, and gender in the context of the scientific workplace are explored. Special thanks to Dr. Kimberly Bothi for her opening talk and being an amazing moderator. Also, thanks to the panelists, Dr. Aimee Jaramillo-Lambert, Ruwida Alkrekshi, Moumita Bhattacharya, Xinxin Qu, Asmaa Taha Abo Alouk, and Covahna Bollar. After the panel, audience mingled and continued the discussion over Coffee (tea) and international cookies!


Jean Norvell Talk                                                      

September 27, 2017                                     Grad students, postdocs, faculty

We hosted Jean Norvell, Former Product Specialist with W.L. Gore & Associates, to talk to us about her career at Gore. Jean gave a captivating talk about the challenges and various changes in her life that helped shape her career. WIE was pleased to have the Dean of Engineering, Tunde Ogunnaike, introduce Jean Norvell and we were happy to see everyone come out to hear her!


Pizza Welcome Lunch                                                      

September 15, 2017                                     Grad students, postdocs, faculty

This year we held our pizza lunch in Trabant and featured a BINGO icebreaker. Women engineers gathered to welcome incoming College of Engineering graduate students, enjoy pizza, and learn more about the WIE program. WIE co-chairs Camil Diaz and Danielle Valcourt led the annual trivia game and gave us plenty of clues this time! Overall, the WIE lunch was a huge success.

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