Past Events 2011-2012

Dr. Omolola Eniola-Adefeso Lunch

May 10, 2012                                            Graduate Students and Faculty 

Dr. Eniola-Adefeso, an assistant professor of chemical engineering at the University of Michigan, visited UD to deliver the May 2012 Biomedical Enginereing Seminar. During her visit WIE co-sponsored a lunch for her to meet with women engineering faculty and graduate students. Approximately 8 women attended this informative and enjoyable lunch.

Dr. Bruce La Brack Seminar and Workshops

April 19-20, 2012                                           Graduate Students, Postdocs, Faculty 


Dr. Bruce La Brack, a cultural anthropologist, visited the University of Delaware on April 19-20. He gave a talk and two workshops to faculty and students on “cultural competency,” (i.e., understanding the role intercultural communication plays in our academic interactions, teaching, managing a lab, and departmental politics). Dr. La Brack’s recent work has been enhancing the ability of both foreign and domestic students and their supervisors to conduct research and work effectively in collaborative multi-cultural contexts. The talk and workshop attracted many faculty and graduate students from all over the university. Members of WIE and some faculty also joined Dr. La Brack for dinner and lunch, discussing with him about his experiences and opinion on doing science while being in different cultural contexts.

WISE Brown Bag Lunch

April 6, 2012                                           Graduate Students, Postdocs, Faculty 


Professor Lori Pollock from the department of Computer and Information Sciences led a wonderful talk and discussion on preparing research manuscripts and revising them if they are rejected. This hot topic attracted a wide audience including faculty, graduate students, and postdocs across the College of Engineering. Prof. Pollock gave a detailed and thorough guide on each step of the manuscript preparation, from the topic selection, to writing skills, and to addressing reviewers’ remarks. Some helpful suggestions include: make sure the journal/conference is relevant and suitable for the manuscript; reread and revise the manuscript once again after a one-day pause or ask someone else’s help as a second eye; don’t panic in case of rejection–use the review’s criticism as a tool for further improvement; and also, very importantly, celebrate each step along the way.

Coffee Break

March 16, 2012                                           Graduate Students, Postdocs, Faculty, Staff 


Once again, DuPont Lobby was filled with students, postdocs, faculty and staff enjoying each other’s company, as well as the fresh fruit, vegetables, cookies, coffee, and hot chocolate provided. People took a relaxing moment out of their busy work days to meet friends, chat about life and work, and spark each other’s minds. We thank the departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer and Information Sciences for sponsoring this semester’s coffee break.

Career Workshop: How to Deal with Conflict Through Effective Communication

February 17, 2012                                           Graduate Students 

Sponsored by WIE and and Lynn Sydnor Epps of UD Career Services, this interactive workshop focused on helping graduate students resolve conflicts in the workshoplace. The workshop was presented by Farzana McCormick, owner of McCormick Executive Search, Inc., who has significant years of experience in providing human resources consulting and recruiting services to Fortune 500 companies. Nine graduate students participated in this excellent workshop. Students had the opportunity to share personal experiences and learn from each other. Thank you to Ms. McCormick for providing her valuable expertise.

International Student Workshop

February 10, 2012                                           Graduate Students 


We had a record attendance for this year’s International Student Workshop–41 people! Anne McCullin and Brenda Foraker from the Office of International Students and Scholars facilitated the discussion and provided participants with detailed handouts about such subjects as CPT, OPT and visa status and the job search and selection process.

Dr. Masha Petrova Visit and Talk

December 8, 2011                                           Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Postdocs, and Faculty  


Dr. Masha Petrova gave a wonderful talk today in Colburn 102 about utilizing Social Media outlets that have been invaluable to her engineering career. Dr. Petrova received her Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of California at San Diego and her BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware in 2001. Dr. Petrova founded MVP Modeling Solutions LLC. (MVP) – a company dedicated to creating multimedia educational products for science and engineering professionals. She is currently working with PTC software and Cambridge University Press on developing an electronic interactive textbook for engineering undergraduate courses. During the talk, Dr. Petrova shared useful ways of using Social Media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitte,r etc. to grow as an engineering professional, as an aid in a job search, and to enable landing your dream job in a slow economy. After the talk, Dr. Petrova had lunch with the Women in Engineering steering committee members and shared her experiences on life and career. Download Dr. Petrova’s slides here.

Coffee Break

November 11, 2011                                           Graduate Students, Postdocs, Faculty, Staff   


On a sunny Friday afternoon, a WIE annual coffee break was successfully hosted in the DuPont Hall second floor hallway. Students, faculty and staff from all departments of the college of Engineering came to enjoy this relaxing moment and exchange conversation with their colleagues. We thank the departments of Materialsl Science and Engineering and of Civil and Environmental Engineering for their sponsorship of this event.

Lunch with Siobhan Carroll

November 7, 2011                                           Graduate Students 

Approximately twelve graduate students from the Women in Engineering Graduate Steering Committee and the Department of Mechanical Engineering met over lunch with Siobhan Carroll, an engineer with Cordis Corporation, a Johnson & Johnson company. The lunch was a good opportunity for the students to interact with an engineer working in industry and learn about her professional experiences and career path.

Graduate Student Panel

October 5, 2011                                           Undergraduate Students 

What is Graduate School: A Panel Discussion for Undergraduates in Engineering The Women in Engineering Steering Committee, SWE, and the Dean’s Office hosted an undergraduate student event with a Graduate Student Panel on Wednesday Oct 5th, 2011. The event served as an informal venue where undergraduate student, who are considering pursuing a graduate degree could ask questions about graduate school. The panelists included graduate student representatives from each of the disciplines in the UD College of Engineering, including: Andrew Foster (ChE), Ramsey Hazbun (EE), Jie Fu (ME), Sara Patterson (Civil), Jing Qu (MSE), Stephen Rhein (CS) and was chaired by Xin Ma (EE). Each panelist shared his or her graduate school experiences with the undergraduate students. All students agreed that the good side of graduate school is the flexibility of schedule, and that the important point is your project – – – getting a a good project. The down sides were the time and complication of applying and the relatively low salary.

Pizza lunch

September 2, 2011                                           Graduate Students, Postdocs and Faculty 

WIE’s annual pizza lunch to welcome new women graduate students to the college was successfully hosted and well attended on September 2nd. Current women graduate students, faculty and post-docs joined the event to welcome new women graduate students. Current WIE steering committee chair Melissa Amand introduced the WIE committee members and gave a short ppt presentation on the women in engineering program at UD. This year in addition Dr. Heather Doty presented background on last year’s AAUW-funded UD program in which women engineering graduate students visited area high schools to introduce STEM teachers to the engineering research taking place at the University. Not only did this program raise awareness about careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) but it also served to network the graduate students. Dr. Doty encouraged all women graduate students to participate in this year’s effort.

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