Past Events 2018-2019

Ice Cream Social

August 12, 2019                                     Grad Students, Postdocs, and Faculty

Over 100 students showed up to our last event of the year, the ice cream social event, and participated in our ice cream social-theme Jenga game. Thanks to everyone who came and made this event so much fun!

Industrial/Academic Careers in STEM                                                      

April 23, 2019                                     All Grad Students

More than 35 graduate students attended Industrial/Academic Careers lunch in Perkins Student Center to find out more about career opportunities after graduate school in industry and academia. We would like to thank the speakers: Professor Kristi L. Kiick, UD MSE department and Professor Chase Cotton, UD ECE department.

Strategic Communication: A Workshop for STEM Graduate Students                                                      

March 21, 2019                                     STEM Grad Students


The workshop targeted communication problems STEM graduate students might face in their everyday school life. The event was led by Nancy Houfek, a stage director, award-winning actor, and nationally recognized theater educator. About 15 students came over to talk about their communication problems and learn how to solve them through various excises and activities.

Managing Stress in Graduate School: Mental Health Workshop                                                      

November 15, 2018                                     Grad Students and Postdocs


The goal of the workshop was to help students to release their stress and anxiety related to graduate school. More than 40 people attended the event. We would like to thank Dr. Julie Garson, psychologist, center for Counseling & Student Development, and Dr. Lashanda Korley, distinguished associate professor, department of Material Science and Engineering.

Halloween Coffee Hour                                                      

October 25, 2018                                     Grad Students, Postdocs, and Faculty


This fall WIE coffee break was dedicated to Halloween. Around 80 people showed up at Colburn Lounge to enjoy hot coffee, chocolate and deserts, chat with friends and colleagues, and play fun games with sweet prizes. Everybody had a chance to feel Halloween mood by getting scary face art. Thank you to the Office of the Dean of Engineering and the Graduate Women in Engineering, and also Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Computer and Mechanical Engineering for sponsoring the event.

Family Movie Night                                                      

October 4, 2018                                     Anyone and everyone


Family Movie Night was held at Star Campus Atrium. The event was open to everyone and kids friendly. About 35 people showed up to enjoy the movie “Wonder”, light refreshments, and lawn games. Thank you everyone for coming!


Welcome Pizza Lunch                                                      

September 14, 2018                                    Women Grad Students, Postdocs, and Faculty


This year’s pizza lunch was bigger than ever! Almost 90 women engineers gathered in Trabant center to welcome incoming graduate students, enjoy pizza, play bingo and competitive trivia games, and learn more about WIE.

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