2022 Lerner Business Analytics Case Competition Sponsored by Google

Announcing the
2022 Lerner Business Analytics Case Competition Sponsored by Google

Looking for something to keep you busy during Winter 2022? Look no further! Here is an awesome opportunity to apply your analytics skills (and build your resume) while on UD’s extended winter session (Spring term 2022 resumes on Monday February 7th).

This is your official invitation to the 2022 Lerner Business Analytics Case Competition

First, some Basics:

What is a Case Competition? Teams of students (undergraduate and graduate) all receive the same business case focusing on the same company. Teams prepare a 20-minute presentation proposing solutions to the question posed in the case. There are two rounds: the Initial submission is judged by Lerner faculty, the Final round is judged by Google company officials.

Your Team – 3-4 students (undergraduate and/or graduate) of which at least one (1) member must be from the Lerner College of Business. As with all teams, diversity in skills, backgrounds, and talents will take you far. Signups of team members and team names will take place at the Kickoff Event.

More about the Case Competition:

The Reveal of the case – Friday, January 14th 2022 at 6pm at the Kickoff Event: the case will be revealed, the rules provided, teams formed and registered, and a lot more information shared. You do not need to sign up/register to attend the Kickoff Event – just show up! The Reveal will be a Live Zoom Event: join us at 6pm https://udel.zoom.us/j/91853470675?pwd=QWQzcmdic1lBOFhWeWd0cnR0OG05dz09

  • The case is sponsored by Google – you will address a challenge that Google is facing. Google is looking for recommendations/actionable items that they can implement within the next 6 months/one year. You will be asked to look at the issues that are presented in the case, then you dive into the data (massage/clean/analyze) and you present your recommendations (using visualization and storytelling).

Q&A and Presentation Tips – Friday, January 21st, 2022 at 6pm – by now, you have been working on the case for one week. Come to the Q&A with questions. A brief presentation providing presentation tips and how to ace your video submission will follow the Q&A.

The Competition – All teams will submit a video of their presentation no later than 12 noon on Friday January 28th, 2022. These videos will be reviewed and judged by Lerner faculty members. No late submissions can be accepted.

The Finalists – at 5pm on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 the top three teams who will go on to the Final Round will be announced via email.

Based on the feedback provided by our faculty judges, the top teams are encouraged to revise their presentations.

Final Round of the Case Competition will be 15 minute live, virtual (in Zoom) presentations on Friday February 4th, 2022 starting at 6pm. Teams will present to Google representatives.

Winners Announced – At 7:30pm on Friday February 4th, 2022, during a live Zoom Award Ceremony, the winners of the Lerner Business Analytics Case Competition will be announced! Everyone is invited to attend! Prizes supplied by Google.

And finally, the What-Ifs…

…I don’t know anybody else interested in participating? No problem! We’ll match you up with others looking for teammates at the Reveal on January 14th. The right teammates are key!

…I just started classes and don’t know anything? No problem! We’ll match you up with others looking for teammates at the Reveal on January 14th. We also have an optional event planned on Friday, January 21 at 6pm to give you industry insight and additional information to support your work.

…I’ve never given a business school presentation or I am not very good at presenting. No problem! The more presentations you do, the better you become at them! After this one, all the others will seem easier! Our first-round judges are Lerner faculty members and are very positive. They see this as the learning experience it is.

…I’m busy with classes. No problem! You’ve heard the saying, if you want to get something done, ask a busy person…that’s you! Busy and getting it done.

…I’m busy with work. No problem! With some thoughtful planning, good execution, and good teammates, you can make this work.

…I won’t know anything about the company/industry we’re studying. No problem! We’re providing background events and readings to bring you up to speed.

In all seriousness, case competitions are a great investment of your time and energy…the opportunity to use what you have learned in the classroom is second to none. The experience also provides more context for your future classes.

Start lining up your teammates or email Prof. Everard aeverard@udel.edu to let her know that you are a single-looking-for-a-team.

Updated schedules at the Office of Academic Enrichment

OAE Updates:

  • Winter Drop-in Tutoring will be available starting 1/3/22
    • OAE website will be updated the week of 12/20.
    • Monday
      • 3pm – 6pm virtual only
    • Tuesday:
      • 12pm – 3pm Tutoring Center, in person & virtual
      • 3pm – 6pm virtual only
    • Wednesday:
      • 12-3pm Tutoring Center, in person & virtual
      • 3pm – 6pm virtual only
    • Thursday:
      • 12-3pm Tutoring Center, in person & virtual
      • 3pm – 6pm virtual only
    • Friday:
      • 11am – 2pm – 6pm virtual only
  • Academic Coaching
    • Drop-In Hours will be offered; OAE website schedule to be updated the week of 12/20.
    • Appointments may be scheduled through Blue Hen Success.

Spring Course LARC367 / THEA367 “Educational Exhibit Design”

LARC367 / THEA367 “Educational Exhibit Design” is being offered in the spring as an 8-week, 2-credit course, meeting on Tuesdays from 6-9pm. Enrolled students will work on the design, construction, and educational messaging / signage for the UD exhibit at the 2022 Philadelphia Flower Show, themed “In Full Bloom.” The theme for the Education Exhibits is the benefit of gardening and horticulture on mental health. No experience is required — just enthusiasm. Students from all majors are welcome! For more information contact Karen Gartley (kgartley@udel.edu) or Stefanie Hansen (shansen@udel.edu).

DENIN Environmental Scholars Internships

The Delaware Environmental Institute (DENIN) has 1-2 positions available for undergraduate interns.  The title of the project is: Sea-Level-Rise-Induced Release of Arsenic from Flood-Prone Contaminated Coastal Sediments, and students working on this project would be a component of a multi-disciplinary project and specific project goals will be formed to cater to students’ interests. The results of this research will provide insights into how physical and chemical processes interact during SLR to release sediment-bound metals and control their distribution in the solution and solid phase.

Dates of internship: November 1, 2021 – May 13, 2022 (Hybrid)

Introductory experience with chemistry.

Work Environment and Expectations:
Laboratory environment:  Harker ISE Lab 4th floor. Hours are flexibly determined between student and mentor. Students may participate in a retreat, communications workshop at the end of internship.

$3,500  Direct deposit is required.

Funding Source:
National Science Foundation, Delaware EPSCoR Track I

How to apply: https://ugresearch.udel.edu/PUB_Program.aspx

SPRING 2022 Course ANFS 440/640: Comparative Histopathology

ANFS 440/640 is a course offered in the Department of Animal & Food Sciences. Classes emphasize pattern recognition of normal tissue and organ structure (histology), correlation of tissue architecture with normal physiologic function, and comparison to microscopic processes and lesions observed in the diseased state (histopathology).  Laboratories focus on recognition of diseased tissue compared to normal tissue structure with application of appropriate terminology and light microscopic techniques used in histologic and histopathologic analysis.  Comparative microscopic analysis across human and animal tissues and across fundamental disease processes (inflammation, necrosis, neoplasia, etc.) is emphasized.  Sessions will consist of 3 hours of lecture and 1.5 hours of laboratory weekly (4 CREDITS).   Coursework incorporates active learning experiences, production of a 3-dimensional tissue model or activity comparing normal and diseased tissue, and group problem solving to stimulate and promote independent thought, communication, teamwork, and critical thinking.