SPRING 2022 Course ANFS 440/640: Comparative Histopathology

ANFS 440/640 is a course offered in the Department of Animal & Food Sciences. Classes emphasize pattern recognition of normal tissue and organ structure (histology), correlation of tissue architecture with normal physiologic function, and comparison to microscopic processes and lesions observed in the diseased state (histopathology).  Laboratories focus on recognition of diseased tissue compared to normal tissue structure with application of appropriate terminology and light microscopic techniques used in histologic and histopathologic analysis.  Comparative microscopic analysis across human and animal tissues and across fundamental disease processes (inflammation, necrosis, neoplasia, etc.) is emphasized.  Sessions will consist of 3 hours of lecture and 1.5 hours of laboratory weekly (4 CREDITS).   Coursework incorporates active learning experiences, production of a 3-dimensional tissue model or activity comparing normal and diseased tissue, and group problem solving to stimulate and promote independent thought, communication, teamwork, and critical thinking.