Welcome to the Office of Disability Support Services

Schedule your Final Exams by Friday, May 13

  • Finals begin Thursday, May 19, and end Thursday, May 26.  The DSS Test Accommodation Center (TAC) will be open for finals from Monday through Friday, 8:00 am-5:30 pm.  If you are planning to use the TAC for finals, you must sign up by Friday, May 13. 
  • When scheduling exams in SAM,  please be sure that you receive a confirmation (a green circle with a white checkmark) at the top of the page for each sign up.  If you do not receive this confirmation, it means that there are more steps for you to complete and there will be no record of your attempt to sign up. 
  • Remember, you must get your professor’s written permission to take an exam at a time other than when the class is scheduled. 
  •  As a reminder, the DSS Assistive Technology Center (ATC) will not be open to students during finals. 

Spring Semester 2022

  • Students should request accommodations and send faculty notification emails for Spring Semester through SAM.
  • The physical DSS office is open by appointment only. Please call 302-831-4643 during business hours (8 am-5 pm Monday-Friday) or email dssoffice@udel.edu for assistance.

Testing Center Updates

For Students: Tests must be scheduled 5 business days prior to the scheduled test day.  DSS strongly recommends that you sign up for all your scheduled exams as early as possible. Specific instructions on how to manage your testing accommodations can be found at DSS Test Accommodation Center.

For Faculty: While every effort will be made to accommodate students at the time and day of their exam, there may be times when the student cannot take the test at the same time or day of the class. Thank you for your understanding and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Please note that for the Spring Semester 2022 exams will be delivered to department offices OR professors can pick up the test in the TAC Center. No tests will be sent through interoffice mail.

Below are frequently asked questions to address common queries about the spring 2022 semester:

How to Register with DSS

We’re happy you have chosen to attend UD and are eager to assist you while you are here. The Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) provides accommodations and services to incoming and current UD students with disabilities, psychological or medical conditions, or temporary injuries that limit their access to the UD environment.

Some examples of the academic accommodations and services we provide are testing accommodations (e.g. reduced distraction testing environment, extended time, etc.), alternative print media, and assistive technology.

In order to receive accommodations through DSS, you will need to submit documentation verifying the presence of a disability or chronic medical condition, and meet with an Accommodation Coordinator to determine what accommodations will be most helpful for you.  Documentation establishes the individual as a person with specific functional limitations and provides a rationale for reasonable accommodations.

Students should use the Student Accommodation Manger (SAM) to register with the DSS office.  Students can use SAM to review accommodations, request faculty notification emails, schedule exams, and request books in alternate formats.

Housing for Academic Year 2022-2023

If you have general questions about the 2022-23 housing application process, please visit the Residence Life & Housing website for important updates and information.

  • Returning Students – Deadline is 2/28/2022. If there are NO changes to the accommodations you previously requested, you ONLY need to complete page 2 “Student Section” of the Housing Accommodation Request Form (PDF).  If NEW accommodations are being requested, the “Housing Accommodation Request Form” will need to be completed by a doctor requesting the new/different accommodations.  Send the completed information by email to dssoffice@udel.edu or drop off in person to the DSS office. DO NOT upload this form in SAM.
  • Incoming Students – Deadline is 5/17/2022. Complete and submit the Housing Accommodation Request Form (PDF) to the DSS office by email to dssoffice@udel.edu or by fax to 302-831-3261. DO NOT upload this form in SAM. Space permitting, requests submitted after the deadline may result in a delay or inability to receive a housing assignment that meets your accommodations.