Welcome to the Office of Disability Support Services

Schedule your FINAL EXAMS at DSS by Monday, December 3

Finals begin Monday, December 10th and end Saturday, December 15th.  The DSS Test Accommodation Center will be open for finals from Monday through Saturday, 8:00 am-7:00 pm.  If you are planning to use the Test Accommodation Center (TAC) for finals, you must sign up by Monday, December 3.

When scheduling exams in SAM,  please be sure that you receive a confirmation (a green circle with a white check mark) at the top of the page for each sign up. If you do not receive this confirmation, it means that there are more steps for you to complete (and there will be no record of your attempt to sign up).

Remember, you must get your professor’s permission to take an exam at a time other than when the class is scheduled.

As a reminder, the DSS ATC will not be open to students during finals.

Housing Deadlines for 2019

  • Returning Students – Due by February 28th.  If there are NO changes to the accommodations you previously requested, you ONLY need to complete page 2 “Student Section” of the Housing Accommodation Request Form.  If NEW accommodations are being requested, the “Housing Accommodation Request Form” will need to be completed by a doctor requesting the new/different accommodations.  Send the completed information by email to dssoffice@udel.edu or drop off in person to the DSS office.
  • Incoming Students – Due by May 18.  Complete and submit the Housing Accommodation Request Form to the DSS office.