Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society

There are so many things that it means to be a student with a disability, but to recognize that it doesn’t put me at a disadvantage is the greatest part being inducted into DAPi. There’s a lot that we have to overcome, but the recognition of the resilience and the hard work that I’ve put into coming back to school is amazing.

Olivia Ruggiero, DAPi Member


I want to teach people that it’s okay to have a disability — that there’s nothing shameful about it. It’s something to be proud of and to take into consideration about yourself as an individual and embrace it in a positive way.”

Alex Oberman, DAPi Member

Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society was founded in 2004 at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania and is open to undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities. Members display pride in their academic accomplishments as honor students who happen to have a disability. Delta Alpha Pi members strive to change the false and negative perception that students with disabilities cannot achieve academically. Through public recognition, leadership and visible participation in educational activities, Honor Society members counteract such perceptions.

Students initiated into Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society must meet the following criteria:

All students must:

  • Present with a documented disability and work with one of the faculty or staff members in the Office of Disability Services
  • Demonstrate an interest in disability issues.

Undergraduate students must have:

  • Completed a minimum of 24 credits
  • Earned an overall Quality Point Average of 3.10 on a 4.00 scale.

Graduate students must have:

  • Completed a minimum of 18 credits
  • Earned an overall Quality Point Average of 3.30 on a 4.00 scale.


Because of the negative stereotyping associated with disability, students have been reluctant to identify themselves publicly. Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society presents an opportunity to change that perception by recognizing students with disabilities for their academic accomplishments. In addition this Honor Society facilitates development of skills in leadership, advocacy and education for participating students.

Delta – D for Disability, but also the triangle, symbol of strength. Members of Delta Alpha Pi demonstrate strength as leaders on campus to help break down the barriers of negativism. Also, they serve as mentors and role models for other students with disabilities.

Alpha – A for Achievement. Alpha is the beginning and academic achievement must come first. But also for advocacy because students must advocate for themselves before they can advocate for others. Members of Delta Alpha Pi enhance advocacy skills for themselves and for the rights of all individuals with disabilities to be included fully in society.

Pi – P for Pride, pride in academic achievement and in other accomplishments, not just as students with disabilities but as members of the university community. Pi is a mathematical symbol that we all learned to use in elementary arithmetic classes. So Pi is an appropriate symbol for education. Members of Delta Alpha Pi participate in activities designed to educate the community and society regarding the need to apply the principles of universal design in learning.

All students who meet the approved criteria are invited to become members of this Honor Society without regard to gender, race, color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, type of disability, or sexual orientation.

Please contact the DSS office for additional information.

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