Returning Students to DSS

How to Request Accommodations and send your Faculty Notification Emails

Note: After receiving the email stating that you have completed the registration process, you must wait 24-hours before attempting to request your Faculty Notification Emails.   Courses may take up to 48 hours to display in the system after you have registered for your courses.

  1. Log in to the DSS Student Accommodation Manager -SAM. (Mozilla Firefox web browser is strongly recommended.)
  2. Sign in using your UD ID Number and password.
  3. Once you have logged into your profile, select “My Dashboard” from your SAM home screen, located on the left-hand-side.  Scroll down and you should see a listing of the courses for which you are registered.
  4. Select the check boxes in front of the courses for which you would like to request services (i.e. alternative testing, alternate format etc).
  5. Click “Continue to select your accommodations”
  6. Select which accommodations you would like to request for each class.  You do NOT have to select all of your accommodations.  Your Faculty Notification emails will be sent automatically when the accommodation is requested.
  7. Make sure to click Submit Your Accommodation Requests. Look for the check mark in the green circle indicating the system has successfully processed your request.
  8. A PDF version of your Faculty Notification email will be available to print after your email has been sent to your professor.  You can choose to deliver it to your faculty directly, if you prefer.  A copy of this letter can also be found in your SAM mailbox.
  9. Once you have requested your Faculty Notification email, you may need to arrange a time to meet with each professor and discuss the specific details of implementing your accommodations in each course.
  10. If you add a course during drop/add, you must also request your Faculty Notification email to be sent if you want accommodations for the newly added class.
  11. If you drop a course in which you scheduled exams, please cancel the exams in SAM.

Returning students (those students who are already registered with DSS) should visit the Utilizing Accommodations page.