Getting Registered at DSS

How to Register

  1. Complete the New Student Application in the Student Accommodation Manager (SAM)
  2. Submit documentation about your disability. See the Documentation Guidelines below. You can submit documentation using one of the following methods: Attach to your application in SAM, fax to 302-831-3261, email to, or mail to Office of Disability Support Services, 240 Academy Street, Alison Hall Suite 130, Newark, DE 19716.
  3. Schedule a Registration Meeting with a DSS Accommodation Coordinator by calling 302-831-4643. Information on what to expect during a registration meeting is outlined below.
  4. During your registration meeting, you will have the opportunity to request any accommodations that were not listed on the application. Students will be eligible for the accommodations that they are approved for as long as they are a student at the University of Delaware.

Documentation Guidelines

Documentation should be from a qualified professional who is able to detail the presence of a disability and/or diagnosed condition, the impact it has on the student’s learning or other major life activity, and relevant details to support the student’s request for accommodations. Examples include: 

  • Medical records
  • A letter from a physician, psychologist, or other qualified professional
  • Psychoeducational evaluation(s)
  • School records
  • A certification form completed by a qualified professional (see forms below)

All documentation received is confidential. If you have questions about documentation or are experiencing difficulty obtaining documentation, please contact the DSS Office at 302-831-4643 or

Guidelines and Forms

What to Expect in a Registration Meeting

During a registration meeting, the student and the Accommodation Coordinator may discuss documentation that has been submitted, the functional impact of the disability on the student’s academics, and academic accommodations that may be appropriate. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the office by phone at 302-831-4643 or email at if you would like to discuss your individual situation, and/or have any questions or concerns about the process.