How it Works: Air Displacement Plethysmography

2 thoughts on “How it Works: Air Displacement Plethysmography

  1. This is the type of technology that makes me believe we’re truly living in the future. There’s just something so futuristic about the BOD POD that makes it so interesting to me. Other forms of measuring body composition are a lot more common (like the impedance handles, body calipers, etc.), but I was wondering if anyone has actually had the opportunity to use the BOD POD. I think it’d be super cool to test out!

  2. The BOD POD is one of the most interesting devices that I’ve ever seen. It’s an ingenious idea using air displacement and I’d love to try it someday. I want to know more about how the density is used to calculate BMI. I know that a computer program and regression line is used, but I want to know more about how they developed this program and what data was used.

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