About the Blog

This blog is one component of the course BMEG442: Engineering Exercise and Sports.  Students in the course (upper level undergraduates and graduate students) are expected to post different assignments to this public forum.  Examples of assignments include critical reviews of primary literature, explanations of how different technologies work, and patent searches.  You can learn more about the blog contributors in the Meet the Team page.

Disclaimer: This blog is meant as an educational tool and for the students to share what they have learned with the general public.  This blog is NOT meant to provide medical advice or clinical recommendations.  Please talk to your physician about any changes to your lifestyle, including nutrition and exercise.  The work showcased in this blog may contain errors or inaccuracies (part of the learning process), so always critically review the primary sources yourself so that you can draw your own, informed conclusions.  Finally, the posts in this blog represent the perspectives of the individual contributors and are not reflective of the University of Delaware, the College of Engineering, or the Department of Biomedical Engineering as an organization.

We invite you to join us by commenting on posts with your feedback, questions, praise, and critiques!  Our only request is that we all engage in a respectful dialogue and exchange of ideas, opinions, and analyses.

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