The following Respondus tools have been made available at UD for this academic year. You can learn more about all three at Respondus Tools for Assessment.

  • Respondus LockDown Browser, if enabled by an instructor, prevents new browser windows from being opened or used during a test. Students have to download and install it on their own computers to be used.
  • Respondus Monitor is an optional feature of the Respondus LockDown Browser that records the student’s webcam during an assessment session.
  • Respondus 4.0 is an application instructors can download to their computers to assist in converting quizzes that are in Word or text files into a format that Canvas will accept.

Updates and Important Practices using the Respondus LockDown Browser (with or without Monitor) for testing

Conduct a Practice Quiz

Before using Respondus Lockdown Browser for a graded quiz/exam, first conduct a practice quiz with your students. The practice quiz helps to ensure that your students have set up their computer and browser correctly.

Note: Make sure you inform your students if you are using Classic Quizzes (the primary quizzing tool used in Canvas) or New Quizzes (a tool you as the instructor must enable to use). The quiz type impacts how a student accesses your quiz in Canvas.

For more information:
Respondus Resources for Instructors
Respondus Resources for Students

Enable Students to Use Chromebooks

Chromebook support is in beta and available to instructors and students at UD. During the beta period, instructors will need to enable the use of the Chromebook version on a per exam basis. This beta version does have some limitations and known issues which are documented by Respondus.

To enable Chromebook support:
  1. Go to the LockDown Browser Dashboard within Canvas.
  2. Select “Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.”
  3. Expand “Advanced Settings” and select “Allow students to use LockDown Browser for Chromebook (beta)”
  4. Save the exam settings for LockDown Browser.
  5. Create a practice exam for all students. This requires Chromebook users to install LockDown Browser when they attempt to take the practice exam.

Support for Students with Specific Mac Issues

If your students are using a Mac and encounter issues getting the Respondus Lockdown Browser to work, please have them review the following documentation for Macintosh which provides detailed information and steps they should follow.


Do the following before your next graded quiz:

  • Add these practices/updates to your Canvas course, quiz instructions, or syllabus.
  • Share a link to the Resources for Students.
  • Review the instructor information.
  • Provide a practice quiz for your students to test their readiness to use Respondus Lockdown Browser successfully. You’ll find existing practice quizzes in the Canvas Commons. You can also learn how to import a UD practice quiz from the Commons.
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