Is Your Course Published?

Your course must be published to be available to students. Read more about publishing your course.

As of Monday, January 28 – Ally is integrated into Canvas!

To support the UD Accessibility initiative on campus, a tool called Ally has been enabled throughout Canvas. This tool will assist faculty in making their course content accessible. Integrated seamlessly into Canvas, Ally will give you information regarding how...

UD Capture Enhancements are here!

Read the basics of working with UD Capture videos inside your Canvas course.

Spring 2019 Roster Sync

Starting on Monday, January 28th, 2019, student enrollments for Spring 2019 will be synchronized in Canvas.

Welcome to the New Canvas@UD Gateway Page

Please use the menu above to log in to Canvas@UD and to navigate this page.


New to Canvas?

Ready to make your first Canvas course?  Use the self-service tool to create your Canvas course.  Click Course Creation on the Canvas gateway page menubar,, or if already in Canvas, choose Canvas Course Request from the Help menu at the bottom of...

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Introducing UD Capture Enhancements!

New UD Capture features are coming to Canvas on January 22, 2019! You’ll have access to all of your UD Capture videos in one location using the “My Media” tool, including your past two years of classroom capture recordings.

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How to Make PDF Files Accessible

Daniel Ross led a PDF accessibility webinar for one of our faculty learning groups earlier this November. His goal was to teach the simplest yet most effective ways to make PDF files accessible to all users. Daniel also focused on making the PDF accessible...

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Canvas@UD now offers the Google Drive LTI

Canvas@UD is pleased to announce the integration of the Google Drive LTI with Assignments, Collaborations, Modules, Course Navigation, and the Rich Content Editor.  This integration allows instructors and students to use, create, share, and collaborate...

Understanding student access when a course ends in Canvas

As the end of the semester approaches, faculty often ask us whether students can access their course site(s) after the term is over. For Sakai users, you may remember your courses were unpublished automatically sometime during the following semester. In...

All About Discussions

Online discussions can be a great way to extend conversations started in a classroom. Or in the case of online courses, a great way to build engagement and interactivity in your course. “A well-designed and well-facilitated discussion board can be a rich...

Accessibility and Canvas: What You Need to Know

The University of Delaware is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities have opportunities equal to those of their non-disabled peers to participate in and benefit from the University’s programs and services. This commitment applies to digital...

How to manage student course access

With the implementation of course start and end dates, you may be wondering how student access to your course is handled outside of those dates.  As long as your course is published, enrolled students will be able to participate in your course during the course start...