Plogging for Purple

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Want to help the environment while improving your physical wellness? Join Delaware 4-H in plogging, an activity that combines jogging and picking up litter. This initiative raises awareness of prevention while improving environmental, physical, emotional, and social wellness for all. The more times you plog and send you #(s) of trash collected to, the more chances you will have in the raffle to win a $100.00 amazon gift card.

After your event, weigh how much trash you or your group collect, or count how many bags, or take a picture and send it to Karen at Participants will be responsible for proper disposal of the litter collected.

Participants will receive gloves, trash picker sticks, bags, and safety tips. Ploggers can be featured on our website. Learn more at

We will have a live pick up event at Battery Park in Old New Castle on October 16, 2022 from 1-3:00 pm.  Stay tuned for more details.