4-H Positive Youth Development and Prevention

 4-H Ambassadors Attend Healthy Living Summit in DC.
4-H Ambassadors Attend Healthy Living Summit in DC. Teens who are interested in becoming Health and Wellness Ambassadors click here.

Spending time with caring adults and engaging in activities that promote health and wellness are the bedrock of 4-H youth development programs across the country and the state.  The essential elements of 4-H include building a sense of belonging, independence, generosity and mastery for youth ages 5-19 by adult mentors. By focusing on these essential elements and 8 aspects of wellness: physical, social, emotional, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, occupational and financial, this site offers a wholistic and evolving approach to positive youth development and prevention of youth engaging in risky behaviors, choosing to live a wellness lifestyle and being role models in their communities.  

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Emerging Nicotine Products Curriculum – ALA Grant

With support from the American Lung Association, we are able to offer a revised Emerging Nicotine Products Curriculum. This activity-based lesson is targeted towards those ages 10-adult and focuses on nicotine products, the health effects of vaping, and how to have beneficial conversations including quitting. 

If you are interested in this lesson or want to learn more, click here

Plogging for a Purpose: Protecting the environment, promoting wellness, and preventing risky behaviors. 

Want to help the environment while improving your physical wellness? Join Delaware 4-H in plogging, an activity that combines jogging and picking up litter. Throughout the year, we are hosting multiple plogging campaigns, where you can pick up litter while jogging/walking in your local neighborhoods and parks. This initiative raises awareness of recovery while improving environmental, physical, emotional, and social wellness for all. Go plogging whenever you would like, or look out for one of our specified campaigns throughout the year. 


Plog and send in the amount of trash you have collected and get a chance to win a $100.00 gift card at the end each month. 

When you register you’ll receive plogging gloves and a trash picker stick.

Register here for Plogging: 


My Reason Why Art Challenge Contest

Take the challenge and design a tee-shirt or a poster of

a world without substance abuse.

Art Challenge contest was designed to involve children, from kindergarten

through high school, in an effort to educate the nation’s youth on the dangers

of substance abuse. The art contest is an activity that not only helps to ensure the health and wellbeing of all youth but also goes a long way toward maintaining a positive public perception of the community.

Entries are judged on the artist’s ability to create a submission of a tee-shirt or a poster with the contest theme. “#MyReasonWhyDE A world without Substance abuse”. While the general purpose of the program is to promote being drug-free world.

Don’t forget to include the #MyReasonWhyDE in all entries.

For more information and entry form click here:


Mental Health Awareness Month Family Wellness Challenge! 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! We know mental health is strongly linked with overall health. For the month of May consider joining our May Family Wellness Challenge to boost your family’s overall health

Here’s how to enter: 

  • Register your family below.
  • Review the Health & Wellness Resource Page as a family
  • Snap a photo of you and your family completing at least one and up to 7 of the wellness activities listed below
  • Send your photo(s) to healthyhabits4h2021@gmail.com with the subject line “Family Wellness Challenge-Your last name”
  • Your name will be entered into a drawing to win one of 5 state park passes! Choose to do between 1-7 activities to increase your chances of winning!

This will enter you for a chance to win a 2022 Delaware State Park Pass, good at any Delaware State Park through November 2022!

*Must have an in-state vehicle to be eligible for this prize.

Up to 5 winners will be chosen!

*Each activity completed will increase your chances of winning!*

*Tip: you can combine some of these wellness challenges, but still need separate photos for entry!*

Social Wellness: Relating and connecting to others by engaging in the community and building and being a part of supportive social networks.

May family activity: Write a card to a neighbor introducing your family, complimenting their garden, or just saying hello! Snap a photo of your card.

Emotional Wellness: Understanding and coping with feelings and emotions through a positive attitude and strong sense of self.

May family activity: Have a family relax day outdoors! Sunshine is great to boost our mood. Grab a picnic blanket or park bench, a good book for everyone, and just lounge! Snap a photo of your relaxing scene.

Physical Wellness: Maintaining a healthy body through smart diet and activity choices.

May family activity: Try out a recipe together! Check out: Recipes | Cooperative Extension | University of Delaware Snap a photo of your finished product.

Intellectual Wellness: Being open to new experiences and ideas by creatively, curiously and critically thinking and seeking out new challenges.

May family activity: Decide on a new skill you have been wanting to learn more about- this can be cooking related, gardening, arts, or sports. Snap a photo of your new skill. 

Professional/Educational Wellness: Professionally, or in school, you should have fulfillment in your work. There is also a balance between work and leisure.

May family activity: Each family member completes one of SMART goal using the SMART goal article on our website for either their education or career goals.

Spiritual Wellness: Establishing peace and harmony in our lives by demonstrating an individual purpose and reflecting your values and beliefs in your actions.

May family activity: Decide on three core family values and post them in a common place of your home. Some ideas include; respect, love, honesty, etc. Snap a photo of your three core values. 

Environmental Wellness: Taking care of both the global environment as well as your immediate personal environment through sustainable practices and organization skills.

May family activity: Take a hike or stroll! May brings nicer weather, get in tune with your environment by checking out a local, county, or state park, or simply getting out for a walk in your neighborhood! Snap a photo enjoying the surroundings.

This program is made possible through the  Delaware Division of Public Health Tobacco Prevention Community Contract. Funding for the contract is provided  by the Delaware Health Fund and managed by the American  Lung Association in Delaware.


Rockin’ for Recovery

When: June 4th, 2022.

Where: Hudson Fields, Milton, DE

Gates open at noon and the bands take the stage at 1 pm.

Tickets go on sale April 1, 2022.

Can you volunteer?

We need people to man the 4-H information table, check tickets and general assistance to ticket holders. 

Free admission to all volunteers! 

Volunteers contact krjohn@udel.edu