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Ducklings in need of home

(sample duck photo, not actual ducks in question)

Someone from the community had their daughter bring two ducklings home. Due to deed restrictions in their neighborhood, they cannot keep them. She is looking to rehome them with a family that can provide them a permanent home. If you, or someone you know are interested*, please contact Karen Price at 302-740-6983.

*If not an active 4-H family, property must have 1 acre of land in order to own ducks per New Castle County Code. Deed restrictions also trump 4-H membership in regards to owning livestock or wildlife.


Craft Corner

DIY Suncatchers


Here is a craft that can be done by all members.  The basic steps are the same; however, the project can be made age appropriate by using different materials.

Use glass gems for younger members and glass pieces for members who are old enough to handle sharp glass pieces.  Complete details can be found on several sites.  A few I recommend are DYI Glass Gem Suncatcher,, (source of below picture at left margin.)

Materials needed:

Glass gems, glass stones (in floral section of craft stores) or cut glass pieces

Clear glue

A plastic lid


Please keep in mind the following tips to help create a successful project:

Tip 1:  Be sure to use clear glue (Elmer’s, Super Tacky, etc.) for a clear and more attractive suncatcher.   Using white glue makes for a cloudy piece.

Tip 2:  Trace the outline of the lid on a piece of scrap paper.  Place the glass gems or glass pieces inside the outline.  Move the pieces around until satisfied with the design.  Then transfer each gem or piece from the paper to the lid that has been coated with clear glue.

Tip 3:  If using glass gems, make sure they are touching each other.  This makes the project sturdier.

Tip 4:  Once all the pieces are beautifully placed in the lid, pour some more glue onto the lid and glass gems or pieces to be sure all spaces are filled.

Tip 5:  Leave the suncatcher dry for 4 or more days.  If you start to remove the project from the lid and it is not completely dry, place the suncatcher securely back on the lid and be patient while it thoroughly dries for another day.  It will pay off.

You can make a more advanced suncatcher buy gluing the glass pieces onto the glass from a picture frame.  First, trace the inside edges of the frame onto the glass.  Securely glue the back of the pieces to the glass leaving a narrow (1/8 inch) space between the pieces.  After fully dried, fill in the spaces with black liquid lead.  Let dried completely.  Place the glass back into the frame and secure with the frame tabs.


DSF Junior Board Applications Now Being Accepted

This opportunity to serve is available to youth ages 16-21 (as of 10/31/19) and once appointed, the term of office is for two (2) years. Members are required to contribute a minimum of 30 volunteer hours before and during the Fair. The purpose of the Junior Board is to develop leadership and interpersonal skills as well as expose youth to the many facets of The Delaware State Fair. The application period is now open through September 27, 2019. In mid-October, the Junior Board Committee will interview applicants. The application form can be obtained on the Delaware State Fair’s web site (click on About Us / Jr. Board) or by calling the Administration office of the Fair at 302-398-3269.

Spotlight Leader

Our next Delaware 4-H Spotlight Leader is Mrs. Blaky Wasgatt!

Mrs. Wasgatt has been the organizational leader of the Clover Quest 4-H club in New Castle County since 2013 after being a club project leader for 2 years. She received the Volunteer of the Year award for New Castle County in 2016 for her exceptional efforts as a 4-H leader.

While Mrs. Wasgatt was not a 4-Her herself as a youth, she was quick to learn about the various aspects of 4-H. She has much enthusiasm for youth development in her club and for encouraging participation in county and state events. Her 4-Hers participate in favorite foods, consumer bowl, poultry bowl, public speaking and demonstration contest to name a few. In fact, in addition to the traditional pledges and business meeting each month, there is also a presentation by a youth and adult partner on a topic of their choice. They have explored autism, karate, wildlife judging, theatre arts, ice cream, caring for a goat, and reptiles just to name a few topics. 4-Hers also participate in age appropriate games, activities and crafts each month. Mrs. Wasgatt updates club members each and every month to participate in 4-H county offerings and most club members participate as campers, camp counselors, or in county contests.

Mrs. Wasgatt also features numerous opportunities to engage in community service including serving at Family Promise events, collecting and packaging supplies for the homeless, and Stockings for Soldiers.

Her favorite part about being a leader is providing an opportunity for the youth to practice their public speaking skills on a topic of their choosing as well as developing the club leadership skills of her officers.

Results: Judging Contests/Clothing Showcase

A big congratulations goes out to the following who will be headed to the State Fair to represent New Castle County in the Judging Contests!

Study up and get ready for the State Fair!


Wood Science:

Cole Simpson

Tyler Melson



Eason Li

Tyler Melson

Michela Davis



Eason Li

Matthew Trunfio



Matthew Trunfio


And congratulations to Clothing & Textile Showcase Participants from the Stump Corner 4-H Club.

Katie Campbell

Bruce Patrick

Emma Patrick


YMO recap

We had a successful Younger Member Overnight at Ashland Nature Center on March 30. We welcomed twenty four 4-Hers from ten different clubs in New Castle County- a really great turn out!

They enjoyed the Nocturnal Animals Program as well as a night hike, morning hike and eco hike! …yes, that was a lot of hiking. Thank you to our volunteer counselors and chaperone Mr. Dave!

New Castle County 4-H Spotlight Leaders

Organizational Leader: Janice Melson and Richard Melson

Club: Meado-Larks

Janice and Richard Melson are the organizational leaders of the Meado-Larks 4-H Club in New Castle County. Mrs. Melson has been a 4-H leader for 36 years and Mr. Melson has been a leader for 32 years! They are both active in the New Castle County Leaders Association and New Castle County Order of the Links.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Melson were 4-Hers in Sussex County in the Dublin Hill Yellow Jackets 4-H Club. They were both active at the club, county, and collegiate level. Richard was involved in the Foods and Food Preservation, Gardening, and Field Crops projects. Janice was involved in the Foods, Foods Preservation, Clothing, Home Improvement, Gardening, and pet projects. Their involvement earned them both two trips to National 4-H Congress. Richard also attended National 4-H Conference and the National Cherry Pie Cooking Contest. Some their fondest 4-H memories circle around Camp Barnes as campers and counselors.

Mrs. Melson says that when her oldest son joined 4-H, she felt it was natural to become a leader. Just four years later, her and her husband took over the Meado-Larks 4-H club. Their youth take whatever projects they wish and they train in as many of those areas as they can. The current club still has a multitude of interests, but they are also putting an emphasis on community service. Mrs. Melson mentions that it has been fun setting up activities they can do together.  It doesn’t matter what age they are; they all participate together.

Mr. and Mrs. Melson are starting to see an increase in membership and interests within the club. They look forward to continuing the fun and excitement, not to mention the rewards and satisfaction.

Time to become a Farmfluencer

Agriculture is at a crossroads and farming today is far from traditional. How do you see the future of farming? It’s time to tell your story.

We believe that you are the future of farming. We want you to show us your outlook on agriculture: where are we headed and what’s going to get us there? By submitting a two-minute video, you’ll compete for a chance to win up to $5,000 and become a global Farmfluencer. For more information and details, visit our site.

Submissions are open until April 24, 2019.

4-H Hometown Collectible

Did you know 4-H had a Hometown Collectible?

We do!  They are available for $12 from the New Castle County Order of the Links.  As you can see from the pictures below, the front of the plaque has pictures representing our Diamond State as well as the 4-H Clover.  On the back of the plaque is a brief description of the significance of the images and the history of 4-H in Delaware.


If your family bleeds green, this plaque belongs in your home.  Please contact Maureen Hoffman Ernst at or at 302-831-8965.  There are only 12 collectibles left.  All profits will be used by the Links to sponsor 4-H events and members.