Dover Youth Committee

The Dover Youth Committee was formed in August of 2020 with the purpose of bringing together youth and adults to work in partnership on projects to improve the health of their community.

Currently 48 individuals representing 30 organizations work in partnership on projects to improve the health of Dover youth.

The committee is working to capture youth voice through youth events (Dover Youth Events) and through youth committee participation.

The Dover Youth Committee is split into three subcommittees that advocate for different areas for the improvement of youth: Education, Mental Health, and Food Access.

DYC Mission Statement: The purpose of the Dover Youth Committee is to bring together youth and adults to understand and prioritize health-related issues in the Dover community, and work together to identify community-driven solutions and provide resources to address the needs.

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Current Goal of Each Subcommittee

Education Subcommittee: Increase Dover students’ access to low-cost or free extra-curricular programs that target social-emotional learning or introduces students to diverse programs.

Mental Health Subcommittee: Gain insight into tools and resources available to assist Dover youth with assessing mental health needs, self advocating, and accessing appropriate mental health resources.

Food Access Subcommittee: Decrease gaps in healthy food access for youth and teens. 

*The purpose of these goals/descriptions is to give potential subcommittee members a better understanding on what each subcommittee will be working on/towards.

If you are interested in becoming a member or would like more information click here: I’m Interested!

Or if you have any questions please contact Kimi Moore at

Dover Youth Committee
Dover Youth Committee Rocks
Dover Youth Committee Rocks