Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs

Lessons/Educational Resources

EVERFI Free Prevention and Healthy Choice Resources: EVERFI’s health and wellness lessons and courses teach, in a safe digital environment, middle and high school students how to make healthy choices.

Scholastic Interactive: In partnership with the NIH, Scholastic Interactive has an interactive lesson on the dangers of vaping.

Taking Down Tobacco 101 and The Rise of Vaping: Through the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, Taking Down Tobacco has two, short video courses on vaping.

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trip: This lesson examines the science behind e-cigarettes and the impact they can have on teenager’s health and wellbeing.

Mind Matters: In this series, Mind Matters explores the different ways that drugs affect your brain, body and life. In this brochure, they depict the body’s response to nicotine, tobacco, and vaping.

Emerging Nicotine Products 4-H

Emerging Nicotine Products Curriculum: Delaware 4-H has revised their Emerging Nicotine Products curriculum for 2021. This lesson focuses on what emerging nicotine products are, the health effects of vaping, and how to have an effective conversation with someone who is addicted. The goals of this lesson are to address attitudes and behaviors surrounding vaping and nicotine use in youth.

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Emerging Nicotine Products Evaluation: After you have completed the Emerging Nicotine Products lesson, please have participants fill out this evaluation form. 

Vaping Self Assessment: Sometimes it is hard to realize when you may have a problem. This self assessment was developed by the University of Santa Barbara to help you determine if vaping has become problematic for you.

This assessment can be used as materials for our Emerging Nicotine Products curriculum, or on its own.

Self Assessment Link

Emerging Nicotine Products Crossword Puzzle:

Crossword Answer Key:


Drug Facts Jeopardy: Play this Drug Facts Challenge, Jeopardy style game. This is an interactive game that addresses facts about many drugs. This is perfect to test students’ knowledge on drugs, or use as an activity for a lesson on the effects of drugs.

Genetics: Watch these short clips about the effects of different drugs on your brain and body.

Mouse Party: In this Mouse Party, interactive activity, look inside the brain of a mouse on different drugs.

Consider the Consequences: This interactive activity from Consider the Consequences tests your knowledge on vaping products.

Hidden Dangers of Vaping: Play this word scramble activity to discover the dangers of vaping.