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There are many agencies, both local and national, that address substance use and addiction. These agencies are available as a resource to all.

American Lung Association Logo

The American Lung Association is the leading organization working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung diseases. Through research, education, and advocacy, the American Lung Association works with communities nationwide to promote lung health and educate about preventing lung diseases.

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Through its Wellness Initiative, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration encourages individuals, organizations, and communities to work toward longer, healthier, and happier lives. SAMHSA addresses the Eight Dimensions of Wellness with multiple programs available to all.

Find a program that is right for you on their website.

Attack Addiction Logo

Attack Addiction is a Delaware-based nonprofit created to help young people realize the dangers of alcohol and drugs so that they and their families never have to experience the pain and loneliness of addiction. Attack Addiction seeks to reduce the stigma of addiction and overdose by education and bringing awareness to addiction as a disease. 

Learn more about Attack Addiction on their website.

Help is Here Logo

Help is Here is a Delaware agency that focuses on mental health and substance use prevention. They educate and raise awareness regarding the fact that mental health and addiction can affect anyone. They provide prevention, treatment, and recovery services for anyone with addiction and their families.

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Truth Initiative Logo

Truth Initiative is a nationwide campaign that seeks to spread the truth about smoking, vaping, and nicotine. This is the longest-running and most successful national tobacco prevention for youth and young adults. Truth Initiative educates youth by telling the truth about the health effects, social consequences, and marketing techniques of vaping and nicotine use. 

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The Delaware Office of Prevention and Early Intervention aims to create partnerships between schools and social service agencies that focus on families and children. The intervention program hopes to address issues within the home and enable families to support social and academic growth for the healthy development of children. 

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A Delaware resource page for helping find an addiction center near you.

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Find AA Meetings in Newark, Delaware

A local resource page for finding a local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting nearest to you.


IASIC, the International Academy on the Science and Impact of Cannabis, are doctors who educate on marijuana. IASIC is an organization of international experts on cannabis who are guided by medicine and science to provide accurate and honest information that guides decision-making. We recognize that the use of cannabis is potentially harmful, and that policies or practices which enhance or increase the use of cannabis risk serious medical and social consequences.