Education and Activities

Check out the educational lessons and activities under our Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs and Wellness Tabs.

These resources are great for use in the classroom or at home. Many of these resources can be used as full lessons, activities to supplement lessons, or fun games to engage youth while teaching them vital information.

There are many resources from 4-H as well as external resources from organizations nationwide.

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Nutrition Tips

There are so many food trends nowadays it can be challenging to determine what to eat or avoid. However, learning how to determine benefits versus drawbacks doesn’t need to be hard! 

The first step you can take to feel confident in your nutrition choices is to check out the nutrition label.

Pay attention to high amounts of saturated fat, sodium, and added sugar.

If you’re ever still unsure, check with the experts! Research accessible online can tell you if the product or diet is healthy, scientifically proven to work, and safe. 

When it comes to diets, it’s best to look at the evidence! But at first glance, we can determine potential nutritional value by asking the question: does it cut out entire food items or groups?

Many diets tend to remove foods seen as “bad,” but different foods provide a wider variety of nutrients and are necessary for all your body’s needs! 

Although food trends can be difficult to navigate, always remember everything in moderation!

Oftentimes food does not need to be removed from your diet completely, as long as there is a healthy balance!

Happy eating!