Welcome to the RSA Points System

How can you earn points?

5 points - Host a program with another CAB

Working with other CABs is really fun! Coordinate an event with a fellow CAB and submit details & pictures on the form here after the event. Reach out to gmar@udel.edu with any questions!

3 points - Submit a Advocacy Grant application
Student Advocacy Grants are intended to help you propose an initiative that will improve the residence hall experience for students at UD through the RSA. The RSA has allotted $1,000 for these projects and you can find the link to the Student Advocacy Grant HERE!

If you have an advocacy project for the residence halls in mind, this grant is for you! Even if we cannot fund it, we will connect you with the right contacts and help facilitate the process. Your CC will receive two points per grant. Reach out to smseth@udel.edu with any questions!

3 points - Submit a Programming Grant application
Programming finance grants are when a Community Advocacy Board requests money for programming from the RSA. We have a (Budget) budget for this and you can find the link to the programming finance grant form HERE!

If you submit a request under $300, it will go to the RSA Executive Board; if you submit a request over $300, you must present it to the GA who will vote on it. The form is due the Friday two weeks before your event. Your CC will receive two points per grant. Reach out to (TJ) with any questions!

3 points - Submit an OTM
OTMs are Of the Month Awards and are a fantastic way to recognize CAB members, Residence Life staff, organizations, and programs! Each month, people submit OTMs and they are judged on a campus, regional, and national level through our sister organization, the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). You can make an OTM account HERE and find the general OTM website HERE!


Submissions are typically 100-600 words and must be submitted by the last day of each month for that month. The content within them must be mainly focused on things that occured that month as well. If you have any questions about OTMs, reach out to the Director of Recognition from the NRHH Lindsay at lmj@udel.edu who oversees them! 

2 points - Have 2+ CAB members at an RSA GA meeting
Bring two of your CAB officers to an RSA GA meeting
2 points - Host a program independently

Work with your Community Advocacy Board to hold a program or advocacy event for your residence hall. Submit the program details & pictures on the form here after the event.

1 point - Visit E-Board Office Hours
Come hang with the RSA E-Board during our office hours on Zoom and in Perkins!
1 point - Attend an RSA Program
Join us along with other CABs

Why should you earn points?

At the end of the semester, the RSA Executive Board will be hosting a movie night for the winning CAB, including renting out the Trabant Theater to play the movie of that CAB’s choice! So earn points and keep an eye on your competition! Good luck!